2022 Draft Night Thread

Pressure got to Mitch .We should have just drafted and got a good player . I can’t understand their math . I still think we could have signed both rookies and Miles and Martin. And stayed under the cap. I don’t think they have a plan on what to do or what moves to make . We can’t even seem to be able to sign a coach. I think they going to try to sell off players using picks to take back less. Any thing to keep MJ under the 122 mark we at now .With no thought of going close to the 149 million luxury tax . We shall see what number we end with.Hell we might even let Miles walk and we will be at our 122. If so I am done .

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Your expectations are unreasonable - for the Hornets and especially when it comes to our young players. Other than the inability to foresee just how good Miles was the FO keeps its B rating the day after the draft.

On a side note - Mike is calling people right now trying to unload Gordo and a bunch of 2nd round picks. LoL! Now 2 years after over paying for Gordo he’s realizing what we all knew when we read the terms of Hayward’s contract. He’s gonna have to give up that first round pick too if he wants to move GH.

I’m kind of done anyway. They’re admitting that they leveraged themselves with the Batum extension/Hayward and Rozier signing. Rather than be patient and work out a reasonable solution to a basic NBA problem, Mitch bailed and just dumped a draft asset. He owned himself.

So what the hell. Between this, the coaching search and the generally aloof nature of our best players; I don’t see anything good happening in the future.

I’ll follow and watch some, but it’ll be different. No hope for competence.