2022 Draft: Who you like?

I know what you mean. If he develops his shot he’s a top 5 player in this draft. If he doesn’t, he’s a mid first rounder at best.

I’ll be nervous if he is there for us, but I’d pull the trigger. He can legitimately guard 1-5, has a good handle (for his size) and can pass the ball well too. He certainly brings the dog on D we’re missing … too much so for some.

Still hearing Duren or trading one / both picks

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Rod Boone just posted an article stating that D’antoni is expected to become out coach bjt that we want have an official head coach today.

Also said that we are expected to try and get veteran talent vs getting younger.

Remember, this is the guy with a real source to this team, so that could be strategic to make teams up their offers, but it goes along the lines of what he said when Borrego was fired.

Duren is a really nice convergence of talent, potential and fit … if we can get him.

Is the assumption that we’d have to trade with, or get ahead of, the Spurs? If so, I’m assuming a player of ours has to be included as they already have three first round picks, so 13 & 15 for 9, even if they throw in 25, might not tempt them. I’d have thought they’d have interested in PJ.

Duren ability to play in space a big concern to me.

But after losing out on Wiseman, can see FO targeting less skilled and more raw Duren.
Going to pay #13 and not #3 money and no play now pressure, red shirts behind Kai & Nick. And possibly in a couple years both Tigers produce at same level on modern nba court anyhow.

If we trade up for Duren just to sit him behind Nick Richards, who we also refuse to play, then that will baffle my mind

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Did we lose on Wiseman? As of right now GS were fools to pass on Melo and Wiseman is a bust - look at his actual on court numbers not his height. We won that draft and dodged a bullet.

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I am biased and my username tells, but it is mind-boggling that some people think they lost out on Wiseman. Lamelo is literally the ROY and an All-Star within the first two seasons, what else do you need to see? Where was Wiseman in GS championship?

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I’d love to take a chance on Wiseman if he was available.

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I feel like he’d be good value for what he would cost. He still has huge upside. Just my opinion though.

I’d still ask why? What can you draw from to feel he’s got high value and low cost? What are you drawing from that says he has NBA-upside? He was driven off the lot, then GSW took a x-country trip with him, and then he had mechanical problems and was hit by a deer, what’s the value you are seeing there? I ask because I cannot conjure that up at all.

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I guess for what we have on the team now, at his position, he has more upside. I don’t know what else to say.

I think we should trade our first pick tbh. But if we do keep it, I’d take the best big man available.


FWIW I liked what I saw from Wiseman, but his bball IQ was very poor.

There is also question as to if he is going to play summer league. He said he wants to but is “waiting to hear from the team”.

But he has a nice touch and amazing measurables.

Surely we come away with a Centre tonight, one way or another?

Bamba, Turner, Poeltl, Duren or Williams …

I like Williams more than duren. Every year there is at least one duren. Stromile swift type. Super athletic, switchy, etc. They usually turn out to be ty Thomas.

Williams seems to be exactly what we have been asking for in a center


Can’t argue with your logic. It has played out that way on multiple occasions.

I think Duren is different as he has pretty good BBIQ & passing ability at a very young age. He’s more than just very good measurables and athletic ability.

I agree Kitch. Given that Duren is 2 years younger than Williams, make it really enticing. A year or two with the NBA coaching and development makes a huge difference initially.

No Bias. LaMelo better. But we wanted and “lost” out on a potential franchise center, even remember stuff about trading up. This “consolation prize” was a unfathomable huge win at a draft for Hornets.

I am biased about old school bigs that cannot play in space and their cost and value.
50/50 #13 recent, pay 4/18 for a Herro, Duarte,Booker, Mitchell…or end up with others. Duren closer to others IMO. But again this is my bias on bigs. If can play in space is going to be an awesome pick…and like others, how the heck was he there at #13 anyhow?