2022 Trade Deadline Thread

This seems highly overpriced

Yeah, too much.

They haven’t budged in that. Pretty consistent over time with the asking price. Too much

Dedmon i can understand. If Howard had Kemba at a “it’s him or me” state in the locker room, i can’t imagine what the reasoning would be a second time.

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If that’s the list of players we are targeting then that’s depressing haha

Dedmon might work since Miami has Yurtseven sitting behind him. He’s a veteran grinder who might be a cheap but perfect fit for this bunch. Not sure why Miami would want to help us though.

Howard sounds ridiculous at this point. He would likely do more harm than good.

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Would you trade Richards straight up for Dedmon?

Oh. JB play Richards for Gods sake. He makes most of his free throws.

What does Miami need? Cap relief?

Get Sabonis and Lamb for PJ, McDaniels, Rozier, Richards, and 2 1st Rounders!

There was a thing on hoopshype that the kings are seemingly all in on a big name trade and were linked to sabonis.

Seems like an easy move to get Holmes as they get sabonis by sending plum and some asset fodder to Indy. Could be a cheap way to get a legit center

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Plums for Holmes without much additional assets is a dream, but one can dream haha maybe we get lucky and this one gets done.

On the other hand, I also want to try and check if we can just get Sabonis ourselves. Also I acknowledge the asking price might be high. BUT if we can get Sabonis for Hayward OR PJ+Plums/Oubre+Bouknight+picks i think that’s something you should do.

Howard coming back?

It’s my time to shine

Don’t wish that on us man.

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Please no. Hahahah

It’s time to do something. Big move, little move. Anything. My only untouchable is LaMelo. Tired of seeing other teams rebuild or reload in a year or two, while the hornets have been rebuilding for years. There, I got it off my chest, I feel better now.

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Haha, I don’t want Dwight back but I will argue until I die that he was a net positive for us on the court that year.

Honestly… I’m really not sure Howard is worse than what we have. I actually liked having him here also

Sabonis/Turner/Holmes/Nurkic/Bamba or we rumble. Hahaha kidding aside, there’s so many options to not do something. Also, I feel like we need another veteran guard somewhere there. Not sure how that can be done but yeah.

I think that McMillian guy is a fake insider, when I look up his name only that twitter comes up.

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