2023 Free Agency and Off-Season Action



let’s try it this way:
Chef reportedly wants $1,000,000 for his house that appraises closer to $600,000.

I honestly still have no idea what you’re responding to half the time. Is there a hidden post somewhere I cant see? Did I mention tone anywhere, being softer? Again, you’re setting up an argument against something that was never said to make a point about something that nobody brought up to to appear to be the aggrieved party.

Again, I have no idea what that has to do with here. We’re surviving and competing on a fan message board? That speculates on rumors, fandom, and opinions on things we have zero control over?

Unapologetic authority isn’t exactly a positive trait to exude. Lack of hubris and self awareness, on any subject matter, and frankly, even for subject matter experts themselves, creates a climate of inflexibility and intransigence that forces one to double down rather than being open minded enough to take in and understand new information as it comes up that may or may not cut against the grain. (Real world example if you’ve read any of the comments from the Titanic submersible CEO)

Nobody knows anything definitely in this sphere of armchair GM’s, even if some of us are smarter than current GMs. We have zero power or insight into any front office, so being unapologetically authoritative kind of has no meaning here, just like I can’t be unapologetically authoritative on alien life forms across the universe, or why cats want you to rub their belly but then they bite you for it.

I have no idea about any of his other comments, that would be between y’all. But for this particular post that I was specifically talking about, it seemed clear it was a restatement. But as I’m also not too authoritative to claim to be right about everything, we can ask @Chef himself whether he thought your comment was terrible, or if, as the words appear, a simple restatement of your point.

Anyway, as I say to everyone, just be easy.

Back to free agency stuff, the Dallas concerns should be further assuaged now…

That has to be via their non-taxpayer MLE. There’s no other practical salary space to sign him into. That also takes them out of the Grant Williams or PJ Washington running (though the latter never made much sense contract wise).

OK guys no fighting on hear. I am the big dick hear and not affraid to use it. To keep my Hornets family in line.

Just preserving this evidence for the official HP record.

Anyway, I am glad that Dallas hedging it’s bests on PJs calls to be scooped up. He’s seeing now that he mis-judged the market for his services. Just like on this board, the league is skeptical.

PJ could still punch us by pulling a Miles (signing the offer sheet) but PJ is getting rejected because he’s PJ not because of off court troubles.

“OK guys no fighting on hear. I am the big dick hear and not affraid to use it.”

We all want to see something happen but the market reflects the FO is playing this right with PJ. I want him back but at the best value possible.

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Compared to what others players are getting, I’m probably fine with giving PJ 16-18 million a year. I think he’s worth it. And also shows some good will on our part.

Saw somewhere Dallas trying to move SG Mathew’s 18. Feel Didn’t make sense with Roster, now with Thybulle & Curry, & really like Green & Hardy. Now…

Dallas difficult S&T Woods.
But Hardaway 2/35 &…cover GW or PJ.

Boston not do unless find some place dump Brogdon 2/45.

Offer us S&T PJ for Hardaway, a Dallas first & 2nd?
Or be part of dump only.

Ok trying to be somewhat soft in tone but I guess you are not reading it that way.

You consistently post a report of a rumor as an actual event that happened as evidence for a fact that point to.

In this case that PJ is gone to Dallas, Williams is coming to Charlotte and it did cost a draft pick.

None of that has actually happened. The evidence you alluded to in this specific instance is a rumor.

Really hope we figure out a way to re-sign PJ.

Lester Quinones looked good. Averaged 22 in G-league play last year. Really aggressive good shooter. Only on QO.

Let’s sign him to a big sheet that GS can’t match, and steal him for the rest of our summer league. But he also looks like he could be a good player in the league too.

I know the thought of PJ signing his tender and losing him and Miles next summer sounds bad then we would have lots of cap space, new ownership perhaps willing to open their wallets and this free agent class

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This is what I’ve been saying for the past few months. Reasons not to overpay Miles, PJ, and Oubre: the upcoming free agent classes coupled with the onset of Melo’s super max.

The front office appears to be looking ahead instead of wasting more years of locked up cap space. Looks like the front office doesn’t want to “Run It Back”. I’ve been yammering on and on about it incessantly. I know that my diatribes get old, but at least they seem to have merit-according to how this has unfolded.

But hey, the Hornets could throw big money at Miles and PJ in the summer of 2024 and completely negate everything I’m saying. So, who cares?

Well I think that PJ can close the door on his Mavs dream.

Hopefully PJ looks at that class and thinks it’s not worth the risk betting on his self and signing the qualifying offer like Miles did. Especially with Miles coming back and the risk that reduces PJs role and production to gain a greater offer.

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Not as big or good but moderate 2nd & 3rd tier group Hornets market free agents. Possible Some decent bargain shopping get 3 for our 35 million under cap next year to replace Gordon, Miles, & PJ/other 1 year 19 million.

Yeah, this is a good point. If Gordon is still here, he’ll come off the bench unless they trade or bench him.

Betting on yourself is fine and good, but the chance of his stats falling in a contract year, he may have to settle for MLE money next year, so signing the QO is as big a risk to him as us.

If both parties can get to 17-18, that should be fair.

I don’t know where else to post this but… Has the new “ownership group” taken hold yet? We seem to DESPERATELY need direction. What is their plan? Do they have one?