7.10.22 Summer League Game

I’m responding to this thread super late but I feel the Miami series came down to a few things, Miami was just stupid hot game 1-2, Batum getting hurt when he was a legitimate borderline all-star that year, Marvin Williams was awful (5ppg and shooting 27% while also playing 30mpg) and purple shirt guy.

I actually think the move to put Al in was a nice adjustment.

If Batum, doesn’t get hurt or Marvin plays up to par I think we win.

Kinda crazy, that game 5 win is my favorite moment ever as a Hornets fan. Shows how bad things have been lol.

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Absolutely agree we win that series with a healthy Batum. It was a 2 pt game at home with a minute an a half left. With Batum, I think we’re ahead and keep it win the series.

After that-- losing at home, going back to Miami for game 7, losing Batum-- the air just went out of the tires. We were a dangerous team that year for sure. Courtney Lee was ready to be Robert Horry.

We very likely could’ve beaten Toronto and moved onto the ECF that year

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You guys are making me sad. Not only for the what ifs, but basketball was so much more enjoyable to watch back then

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Well we have Clifford back, so there’s that. Haha

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Courtney Lee played way to much that series when Lamb was so ready to shine! Lamb was shooting 3ball , grabbing rebounds and playing better defense than Courtney the 2nd half of that season. Clifford just left him and our def. center Biz on bench when they were ready to contribute most of that season. They both had good years the following year which proves my point.