Bucks in town tonight

I kind of agree Monk should slide into the starting spot for now. Once you start Ball, you can’t just put him back on the bench when Rozier comes back. I also love he and Miles off the bench together. I don’t love Graham coming in as the 6th man either… I feel he may jack up a lot of bad shots. I really like our second until more than than the starters… they are so fun to watch. I love Monk, Ball, and Bridges together. I’m not really sure what I want, but I think those 3 are pivotal for the future of the team.


With QC. And we’re going to get a taste regardless with Terry out.

I want him to start. I’ve never been this learn from the bench thing (see DJ-Kemba/Knight-Felton) and especially with as much raw talent that we’re dealing with here.

He’s going to get it anyway. Let’s get the party started.

I want Monk to start and see Melo as the 6th man off the bench to lead the second unit.

And starting doesnt really matter anyways. The rotation flowing with the pace of the game is what’s important.

I’ll assume we’ll see Melo/Graham/Monk on the floor at some point.