Grizzlies at Hornets

It seems the Montrez energy only lasted one game. Detroit would smoke us tonight.

74-43 at half.

I wouldn’t mind a coaching change. If this team misses the playoffs there’s no way JB returns next season. Zero excuses. Because the way they’re playing doesn’t make me feel like they’ll make the playoffs.

Yeah it sucks not having Hayward but there’s too much talent here to be as bad as we’ve been. This really shows how much it sucks not having Gordon. Who is never healthy anyways


I totally agree with that. We honestly haven’t got better for the whole time he’s been here, to be honest. Always hovering where we are now. The east is a little better but who cares. We should be competing. Memphis isn’t 40 points better than us.

We should have went after Jarred Allen last year. Look at Cleveland. Still, I still think we should be better than them. But here we are. They are far better coached. They’ve lost so many keys guys and still win.

wish they’d suspend Plumlee for the season. Or I wish Adams would rip his legs off.

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This game was over 5 minutes into the first quarter, getting steam rolled and he stood on the sideline with his arms crossed.

Nail in the coffin for me was his interview earlier today/yesterday talking about the impact of losing Gordon Hayward and during a rough patch how he makes a play that steadies the ship and we miss that, dude your the f’in coach, call a time out and draw up a play that steadies the ship.

Even today, getting hammered that first quarter, bricking shots, the only one that had any sense to just stick his head down and take it to the basket was Bouk, our lottery pick rookie who’s been stuffed away in the G league all season.

I’ve learned w this team to record the game and let them play for an hour or so before tuning in. Just checked the score and nope.

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That is some sound advice!

It’s amazing to me how such a talented crew can be so horrifically bad so often. They really do seem to rely too much on 3 and flash rather than just tough fundamental basketball.


absolutely no defense at all. It’s pitiful.

Well… we look better. If only we weren’t down close to 40. Let’s get it to 15 going into the 4th and see what happens.

Bouknight earned more minutes tonight… so there’s that.

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Pain. Got my hopes up. Where was this to start the game. I can’t say I hate the bigger lineup.

This team is a stale fart. For as much shit as plumlee gets (some of it deservedly so), he’s +5 tonight. Harrell +6

I actually liked that lineup with both of them in the game. It actually gave us some size. Not to mention Thor.


Started watching again with about 5 minutes to go. At least they made a game of it. Maybe they learned something tonight, coach included.

Why does Bridges seem to disappear some games. That makes me hesitant to want to give him a big contract. Would like to see Thor get some more time. Impressed with him at the end.


Thor is a rookie… he isn’t ready. Same reason Richards may have a good game and never see the court again. ha

But Thor has such good length. We need to use him more.

We’re still a young team. A lot of our mistakes seem to be young guy mistakes. This game had a lot of good lessons in it despite the horrific start. I still like their fight and hope they go to school on this.

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I like Thor. I wish we could see more of him. He attacks the basket with aggression. Which is something that could really help this team who tends to overly focus on threes

Imagine how long and athletic we could be in the future with Thor and Kai. I’m pretty excited about that. We’ve got Siakum and Giannis right there. If everything goes perfectly. :wink: