Grizzlies at Hornets

Can we never start Kelly-O again?


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I was so hopeful we would find a trade destination for Kelly. I really dislike him in any role but microwave scorer, and one we should sit when there’s metal in the dish.

Trezz attitude was great last night. I was at the game and seen him go at Ja’s dad and family. Kept getting the fans energetic. He’s a plus to this team going forward. Read an article where Bertan’s said in Washington there was constant fighting amongst teammates in the Wizards organization about minutes and roles so i think that where Trez said he hadn’t had fun like that playing comes from. We arent winning the championship this year but i think we are headed in the right direction. Go Hornets

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You do wonder if we missed the window to sell high on Kelly.

I love what he’s done for us, with his instant offence off the bench, but I do wonder if there a) wasn’t a good deal out there, b) we wanted to keep him for the depth he offers or c) we plan on extending him.

I’d have loved to have got a tenacious defender for him (PG or Wing) or for him to be part of a package for that elusive #5. Still, I am calmed a bit by the fact Mitch knows what he’s doing, which makes me think there simply wasn’t a deal worth pursuing.

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would be nice to get for something for good kelly, but who real find hard value find given history…and was a big roster need early and a roster body at deadline

kelly .413/.297 this year, 2 huge games against pacers & detroit…10-15 pacers game, 10-56 since. whelmed if Kelly get back to career average kelly
inefficency and lack of ball movement a huge drag on offense, defense can be OK when tries. All said and not quite done, Oubre an adequate pick up and we had cap space to spend and make sure get.

Bouknight similar scorer…but pass and handle ball better and becoming playable…not the early on court clueless and defense improved from complete sieve giving up 88% FG and 124+/100, only worst used to be I wish best of luck but pleased gone Carey.
This plus get back players and Harrell bump, not forced play Kelly 30 minutes a game

Post trade 11 at 110 million. Even at 5 million guaranteed, Kelly team highest cut at 7.6 million cap savings next year.

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I think Oubre is a good 6 man off the bench. Just not a great starter.