Hornets own 2022 Free Agents

Its ok … not that great but Dort just 17.5 mil per year so it us way better than that. Cody will be in his prime for the life of the deal.

I bet that the bridges situation made it so that we were willing to pay more to retain Cody


Meh. Gary Payton 2 got 3/28 I believe.

Who is much better than Cody.

8 million was always the max I’d pay Cody anyways. Just wish it was for 2 years. I’m pretty indifferent about it.

We are spending money earmarked for Miles already! Good! Might as well spend money on a true PG if there are any left.

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Trade for Cole Anthony!

Don’t mind it. Solid glue guy. He’ll earn that money and be a nice piece to trade in the future if we need to.

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Happy enough with Cody’s contract. It’s at the high end of what I thought was reasonable. The length tells everyone what a positive presence he is on the roster. I LOVE signing a second round pick to a decent, long contract. He demonstrates what’s possible if you really work at it. Just hope he keeps shooting 3s at a good clip. Happy to have him.


I feel like we’ve had great success using second rounders the last few years. Hope that trend continues.

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The guards I’ve been wanting I wish we would’ve gone after. Last year it was Lonzo and cam Payne. I’m still really high on cam Payne. This year I wanted GP2. Oh well.

Especially with how many of them we got recently! Mitch needs to keep going with it.

I do agree though. I’d love Mitch as our second round GM.

For my main GM, I want someone who tampers along with the rest of the league and isn’t the only gentleman GM who, seemingly, waits for the official free agency to begin.

I think Gary Payton was just a little outside of our price range as we could only offer mle but I don’t know what our mle is so I’m talking out my ass

I am not sure Powell. Even though the Mitten seems better on paper for THIS SEASON, career-wise Cody has been more consistent. Also, Cody is 3 years younger.


I like it. Good terms and very tradeable

Not a bad contract. A little on the upper end of the scale but I can live with it. Cody always gives 100%, and seems like a good locker room guy. Can’t underestimate the value of that during this time. Our guys need good leadership and to stick together right now.

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Cody seems like a guy who will become a better 3 point shooter over time too, which will make him much more valuable. The less he’s consciously thinking about the game and more naturally reacting, the better he’ll get.

Just curious…in what ways do you feel GP is much better than Cody? I know GP’s stock has soared as a result of being showcased throughout the playoffs while Cody has played in relative obscurity here, but they are very much the same player to me. They’re both role players who play their role to perfection. Both defend at a high level, work hard, seem to be team first guys. I don’t see anything that GP does that is vastly superior to Cody. I’d actually prefer Cody of the two because he’s bigger, longer and shoots it better from 3.


And we know how he fits in our locker room, and how our locker room fits around him. Right now, that might be a significant plus as a known quantity. although I’d imagine GPII would be great in any locker room but this is a known quantity.


It’s time to start negotiations w PJ.

Agreed. Rod seems like a great dude


All of the ways. Especially defensively. He looked great in the playoffs before he got injured. Cody isn’t that great of a defender. The guys around him are awful defenders and he looks good in comparison and he hustled. Cody is objectively a slightly above average defender.

I’m just not a Cody Martin homer. I think people around here get a boner for people we drafted that didn’t turn out to be complete busts.

Edit. Here you go. Here’s a stat. GP2 played almost 10 minutes less per game than Cody Martin, but still averaged more steals than Martin (1.4 vs 1.2 spg)

Or you could just respond to the question by expressing your disagreement civilly, minus the insulting tone. Unnecessary, but not unexpected.