Hornets Summer League 2024

Face it guys, we’re winners. Another season of typical hornets summer league dominance :laughing:

Out of all of the younger players (out of college w/in the last year) brought in, only Jake Stephens has made a solid argument for a two way at this league. Leaky started and didn’t even score a point! NSJ was inefficient - again. Nick had pretty good defensive numbers, maybe he just needs more shooting coaching.

I don’t know what to say about Bryce. You get a million dollar check to play the game that you love but you take that for granted and then put in the effort when you see it slipping away!?!? I just can’t relate to a lack of motivation when so much money is at stake.

Feeling a little worried about NSJ.

Completely unrelated, can anyone explain why our centers seem to be over dropping on drop coverage to the point they seem to take themselves out of being able to challenge any shot in the lane?

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Same about NSJ. I’m not ready to sound the alarm, but my concern meter has risen to a 5/10. So he’s on my radar.

It’s probably a classic case of pressing. After Mann’s arrival and now Josh Green and Reggie Jackson, he may not get any rotation minutes this year unless he shows out this summer.

So a lot of forced shots, not in rhythm, basically trying to do to much. If he relaxes, let the game come to him, he’ll get actual good looks.

Good for Bryce stepping up. Never exhibited high level basketball awareness, but he seems to be a good person and teammate, so I hope he’s able to latch on somewhere with his summer performance. He’ll definitely be in training camp somewhere, if not here, maybe Sacramento after he showed them something.

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Or the Chinese National team


If stevens the shooting big can have a strong showing in the main summer league and has a decent camp-I’d be willing to see him slide into the third center slot.

Bridges/G Williams/Salaun
M Williams/Richards/Stevens

That’s 15. With stevens and NSJ being the two inactives.

I’d say without a good showing in the upcoming summer league, NSJ may be in trouble. And I’m fine with that, as much as it pains me. Gotta be better.

And I don’t think Reggie jackson will still be on the team by regular season. I don’t understand why he’s still on the team, outside of being held in case of a trade.

Would trade trade Cody Martin and Jackson along with a 1st to get Isaac Okoro.

That’s a good question about the drop coverage. I wish I could watch a replay of these games. Does nba league pass allow for replays of those games? I’m not a huge fan of the super deep drop coverage.

I actually was about to type that, but thought I’d give him a break since he had a couple nice games.

But Shanghai is watching in Vegas.

Not sure If I missed it but Coach Lee is NOT coaching the Vegas Summer League?

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If the Lakers get a banner for the in season tournament, I want one for this

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That’s the word. Coach Longstaff (hah, niiice) will be coaching the team. Proof that coach Lee is just not really committed to the team. Jk coach Lee, I don’t mean that.

It’s weird he’s coach the California Classic but not Vegas. I’d think it would be the other way around.

My guess is that the coach has to continue to prepare. He got a late start because he was winning a championship PLUS the roster is still in flux. I would love for him to have some time off but I doubt that is what’s happening.

Delegating when he can shows trust in his folks. Always good to super boost office morale.

I hope that we go into this next summer session w a significantly smaller roster. And I am also hoping that the rotation can be shorter to focus in on the guys who are most likely to get those two ways up for grabs.

Right now my votes are for Leaky and Jake S the 3’s shooting C. Maybe Leaky can show enough to make the end of the bench. That would be excellent and cost efficient.

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I like the PG a lot too. Zavier Simpson.

I didn’t see anything from Leaky that would make me want to burn a 2-way contract. If we have two left, it’s out Mo and Jake in there considering our center depth, especially zero 3 point shooting center depth.

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You would go with both Mo and Stevens? I’m definitely for Stevens getting the slot, but do we want Gueye too?

Yeah, the UNC fan in me wants to see Leaky get the slot, but the reasonable basketball fan in me doesn’t think he’ll make the cut. I can see Coach Lee liking how Leaky is a defensive minded, hard working, and very coachable player. Good individual and team defender. Good communicator. Limited offensively. Improved three point shooter lately.

I really wish we had some space for the Zavier Simpson, the PG from Michigan. I think he’s a bit older, mid twenties. Too bad we didn’t have him last summer league. He would’ve helped the team so so much. And honestly, the Charlotte team could’ve used him as well prior to having Mann and Micic. I’ve been super impressed with him and fully believe he’ll quickly get snatched up. Unfortunately, with Mann, Micic, and Jackson on the team, there is no space for him.

He won an all defense team in the big 10, racked up a bunch of assists, runs the offense and protects the ball. Plays intense and bigger than he really is. He’s listed as 6’0, which I feel is quite generous.

Checked it: came in at 5’10 without shoes. Hair+shoes=6’0? Eh lol

We can 3 two ways now.

NBA rosters are limited to 15 players during the regular season, plus three players on two-way contracts, expanding each team’s roster to 18 players maximum .