Hornets Summer League

We’ll try create them for every game. Might be interesting option for those in arena.

Couldn’t watch today. Glad

I didn’t watch (probably won’t any longer) but BMill 4/18?

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He just looked fatigued. Every shot he missed was short. My guess is that if he still needs conditioning catch-up from mono, playing every other day is not going to be his friend. Continues to look like the only complete player out there imo.

Man, this has been a rough SL from multiple angles.

After he plays Scoot (if he plays) he should be done

Miller has looked as good as he did in the NCAA tournament.

He must have a groin injury we don’t know about.

Oh well! Next Paul George!

Last I checked - Miller was our guy.

I hope there aren’t any SL games left. Will read comments to see how people felt the team performed and look up online. Saw some really positive reviews on NNaji and Amari today. Sure hope that Nick Smith Jr comes around. We could use him especially if Bouk is on his way out.

In 5 games, 30.4 mpg, 15.2 pts, .333 shooting percentage, 7.8 rpg, 2.0 apg, 2.4 spg, 0.4 bpg - The actual Paul George in Orlando SL 2010

Immediately behind Charlotte-centric juggernauts of the game, Byron Mullens and Derrick Brown. Clearly, we should end the voting now; Miller will score 2.2 pts less per game for his career to Paul George, but fortunately, he’ll out rebound him, out assist him, come close to his steals, and have more blocks.

And seeing that Patrick Ewing Jr. outperformed Gordon Hayward in that same SL as PG-13, we should have signed Ewing Jr. to the 4yr $120m contract. Or kept DJ White since he also outperformed Hayward by a bit too.


Awesome! Miller is our guy! Great summer league stats pull, he must be the best Paul george then.

I’ve decided Summer League is a complete waste of time.


Yeah, 4-18 shooting, missed every 3, 8 rebounds, 4 assists, 3 turnovers. In the summer league full of bums, no future star should have numbers like that.

Oh shit, that was Shaeden Sharpe’s line tonight, the guy you said you’d trade your left nut for. I guess Shaeden has that same groin pull.

Or maybe Summer League isn’t indicative of real league abilities. Sometimes good players shoot like ass. Sometimes bums like former MVP Josh Shelby go off and can’t catch on in the real league.

I feel like I keep repeating this on the board, just be easy. We’ll get a fuller picture during the season without being all judgy about a shitty performance in a shitty league with shitty coaching and shitty guards.


If this kid turns out to be good, get ready to take a lot of shit from folks

I guess our FO really doesn’t care about SL. It’s a strategy that I’ve seen before - turn folks loose (in this case coaches and players) to see what happens. It’s a pretty rough way to prove yourself.

I am hopeful. Put Miller beside Miles, Melo, PJ and have Mark in the middle and we have something - after Miller gets oriented.

Just finished the game… yuck. But it’s summer league. "It's Miller Time!" will be fine. It’s almost like you want him to fail @powellrmp . I’m usually with you on a lot of things… But we drafted "It's Miller Time!"… he would have been selected 3rd at worst. He’s an Allstar talent. Stop acting like we drafted a late lottery pick 2. I still think we selected the right guy, as we have Lamelo locked up. Players will have bad games playing with a coaching staff like the Hornets have in summer league. He did still rebound the ball well and did other good things… he just didn’t shoot well.

We got to within 50% of the number of assists of our opponent!

I listened to a couple of generic NBA summer league podcasts. Universally, they ripped the Hornets, quite rightly too, for being the absolute shit show we have all called them out for being. They chuckled at the level of ineptitude on display. They even went so far as to discount individuals’ performances against us.

There is no way our new ownership can have failed to hear some of this. Please, please, never again.

It’s baffling how bad it is. I don’t understand. I feel it really hurts the confidence of the players you are trying to develop as well.

Will the bad continue? Will Kai play point center? Will the assistant coaches throw Coach Garnett into the Gatorade bucket? Will the X-Files return? Who invented liquid soap and why? To discuss all these things and more, the chat is up:


Great game from Miller tonight. It’s summer league so it may not mean anything, but at least it’s happening.


Was on the Scoot train with you brother but truly hoping he hits his projected ceiling.

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