Hornets Summer League

Signing Herro would save another relly bad off season.

I’d be happy with a guy like Herro. I feel like PJ would be a perfect player for the Heat. I wonder if there would be any interest there?

I seriously doubt Miami is willing to send us any major assets like Herro.

Miami most likely isnt doing any business until the dam situation is resolve as herro is honestly the only good decent piece they have that they are willing to include in a trade

There is a possible path. Portland doesn’t want Herro. Dame only wants Miami and is essentially forcing his way there.

In a perfect world, terry could be moved with a 1st for Herro. The 1st going to Portland, Terry going to a 4th team.

In reality, Hayward can go to Portland with a 1st, Herro comes to Charlotte.

I hate the idea of a player forcing teams to trade them where they want. I’d just hang onto him.

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They have been one of the long running teams with interest in PJ, but I think their focus is solely on Dame. And if they are playing hard with Portland for Dame, they sure aren’t being flexible with us.

Terry would kill it with them

He would be the Dame consolation prize

Put anyone on the Heat, and they would be twice the player. I bet if you put our whole team on the Heat, they’d be winners. Give us all the Heat players and Bam turns into PJ.

Bam would be Bismack. Butler would be Hayward. Vincent would be either Pargo or Troy daniels. Strus would be Derrick Brown. Herro would be Kapono. Caleb would be 2022-23 Cody. Lowry would be Felton. Chubby Felton.

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If the Heat signed Cody and we kept Caleb, Caleb would have been the one to get hurt and Cody would be the guy the media was talking about in the playoffs.

Couple thoughts on summer league

"It's Miller Time!": i was listening to All Hornets Podcast and they raised a great question… If miller was on any other team as the no.2 pick how would we feel about his performance so far in summer league??? Me personally i would feel like we dodged a bullet by not drafting that guy… but our favorite team did so here we are. Cant beat smaller or bigger defenders off the dribble(2nd round and undrafted players). Gets constantly beat on defense to the point hes got 18 (?) fouls in 2 games. Not great at all. Still super early and way too early to call him a bust especially with this shitstorm of a SL team. But im worried.

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Kai jones: was always meant to be a project but still looks 2 years away from being 2 years away.

Bouknight: after bouk and monk i wouldnt be surprised if the front office never drafted a sliding shooting guard again. Another year in SL and he looks far worse than he did in his 1st. Defense isnt there and as a shooter his shot is almost never there unless hes playing for greensboro. That draft was just a huge miss by mitch.

If he looks like this in the structure of regular season games, then yes I’ll worry, just my opinion.

No point guard

No game plan

No schemes especially for him

Teams wanting to shut him down at all costs

Plus pressure of wanting to prove he belongs

Deferring to 2nd and 3rd year guys desperate to earn a roster spot

He’s a key bench piece right now. If he’s the same after two years, then we’re fucked. Just my opinion


Amari and nick will probably spend all their time in greensboro but i think they both have a chance to be rly nice players but it all depends on ….

Coaching staff: feel like we do this ever year. I was begging for the hornets to fire their last summer league coach. But the new one is just as bad. Why do we constantly look like a disjointed mess while the teams we play look like a well oiled machine… IN SUMMER LEAGUE! I just cant understand it. If im new ownership the entire coaching staff is getting cleaned out at the end of the season.

Talk me off the ledge my hornet brothers! Much love to all of you guys. hope you all are doing well.

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I agree with you in principle, but I bet they want to land here and establish themselves before doing so lest they make it more difficult to hire a competent replacement. Ergo, i think we’re stuck here for the year, and maybe that’s not a terrible thing.

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O yeah they will most certainly get the year. Im saying after the year. But again this is just 2 game SL overreaction.

If I’m new ownership, I’m probably, maybe, waiting until the trade deadline, then hiring my GM. The rest is up to him.

I think Mitch might retire after this off-season is wrapped up. He just comes across as tired, non reactive, and at peace with his career.

He’s been the most professional and respected of our GMs, I just think we need to modernize our approach. OKC, San Antonio, Indiana, Utah, Portland, they are all undesirable markets that seem to know how to compile multiple picks, how to make timely trades, get pieces as a third wheel. How to draft well. They’re always in the mix, and good to make a run every few years.

Would love to be able to make a single solitary run at some point in my existence.


I don’t think I’d be looking too much into it. Its way to early to call him a bust, especially with the piss poor coaching in summer league. I think he’ll be fine. I do think Scoot will do better in summer league… he’ll have the ball a lot and everything will run through him. Seems with summer league, our guards take all the shots.