Hornets Summer League

Hopefully this renders correctly! I like Amari. Seems to me he’s on his way to winning a two-way:

Source: Ranking: The best players of the 2023 California Classic Summer League | HoopsHype

If you’re into this sort of thing, Spurs are only six point favorites in Vegas tonight. I can’t make sense of it either

What is Marlon Garnett cooking?

Not much good if you listen to Locked On Hornets today. Sounds like we have a veritable shit show going on in SL. Maybe we’re trying out Marlon as much as Bouk and Kai for sticking around until season’s start.


I really want a good showing tonight. I don’t want to be clowned when everyone is watching. Please get Miller the ball coach.

How about set screens for him to get catch and shoots.

Oh wait that requires an offensive scheme more rigorous than dribble handoffs

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I’m hoping nick jr will realize we have no backup pg and start acting like one.

One can hope anyway.

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Just listened to LOH. Doesn’t sound good. Looks like the coaching is dysfunctional and the players know it. Preparation, as observed, is terrible.

Two games they’ve started 4 wings each just running around and a center who doesn’t rebound.

It’s looking like this summer league exercise is a complete waste of time if not negative value for the rookies. The vets (basically Bryce, since Bouk and Kai are completely clueless), are just killing time. Watch McGowens body language. He’s smart and knows the setup is a fail.

This thing is nuts. If you haven’t checked it out - google Sphere Las Vegas. It’s incredible. I want one in my home town!

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Scoot looking like a can’t miss prospect early

He is tailor made for summer league especially coming from the g league. I have a feeling that the hornets are gonna get the heat this week especially if nothing big happens trade wise in the NBA talking heads circuit

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Guys… I dunno what to say right now… :worried:

Plus Scoot has a coach. We don’t.

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Love the Charlotte Hornets

I think the best thing to do is it not watch Scoot play.

Sweet fancy Moses.

Remember fam, suicide is never the answer

"It's Miller Time!" will have 22-4-5 tonight including a massive dunk and the narrative will change.


Lol. Man oh man.

This exactly - not sure there’s a better scenario to showcase a player than Scoot in SL. An equivalent would be Brandon playing in a forwards and centers only NCAA all star game and everyone else is coming off of Mono.

I haven’t been watching so curious how Thompson is looking?

I think pretty good but you can tell both he and scoot been playing ball for a living

I wouldn’t have minded amen if we’d picked 4

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