Hornets vs Rockets Game Thread

Was getting kind of tired watching Nwaba and Tate keep scoring on us at the rim and was thinking it might be time for Bismack. I wonder if JB didn’t say something like “Stop that shit” to Biz when he put him him in, because it sure stopped.

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Biz making a reverse dunk on (I think) an inbounds play(?) and then grinning ear to ear dapping Melo made me laugh out loud. Good times.


Not sure if it was an attention span thing or a rust thing, but until Biz got that second block, I’m not sure he was anywhere close to positioning himself for rebounds. After that block he seemed to settle in much better.

Glad to see the team excel without Graham on the floor. He’s inefficient and better suited getting 20 minutes a night as a backup PG, or decent spot starter if there are injuries. You guys know how I feel about Graham.

I know pj is coming back from that ankle sprain, but he hasn’t looked right all year.

yes, for me pj has replaced miles as the one i would move.

PJ has been bad from the start of the season, trending even worse recently. I’m not sure that he has a place on this team, we don’t have room for guys that don’t want to give effort.

I’d move either or both miles and PJ. I’m less attached to guys on this team. I feel like we have enough film and playing time to get a good feel for their ceiling. That’s just me.

lol we are in first place in the Southeast Division.

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I would be fine with that too but my point was he seems to be besties with lamelo

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Chris Vernon likes to watch the Hornets (after the Grizzlies of course) and gave big props to Eric Collins in yesterday’s Mismatch podcast after the Rockets game. Then they get into talking about LaMelo. Check it out, right at the start.

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PJ I think would benefit from a move to the bench to get his rhythm and confidence back against 2nd units. Him and Graham would be a strong PnR combo and he pairs well with Biz or as a small ball center.

Borrego establishing that the rotation is fluid early should keep him out of his feelings. I think bulking up has kind of affected the fluidity in his game, but you gotta keep Miles and Melo together as much as possible.

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I agree coach. I think this is an oft misunderstood value of his rotations is that it makes it more egalitarian and guys will have a harder time acting out with their teammates for a bench stint. It helps that Cody, Miles, and even Nic made loud claims they didn’t care bench or start, they just want to help.

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Co-sign coach…

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We’re not that far off from being a really good team guys! As frustrating as it is sometimes I maintain this