Kai Jones Monster Game

All for getting rid of Bouknight . And I even think Monk is the better player . And I never liked Monk.

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Why do you think he’s the better player (long term)?

Personally, I think Bouknight can easily become a better player than Monk, if he puts the work in. Athletically, he’s elite; and he’s got the soring and finishing ability to excel in the league. Plus he’s a bit bigger than Monk. But I could just be missing something (a major flaw) that everyone else sees.

Yeah, I don’t see the use of having them both long term. I’d keep Bouknight and trade Terry.


I would take a 2nd round pick for Bouknight. One can tell his attitude is crap so far. And he is no where near as good as he thinks he is. He make’s me think he is no where near ready to put the work in it’s going to take to make him good. He thinks he’s all ready god’s gift to basketball. When in reality he has a long way to go. If he could work like Martin or Miles he might have a chance.

     Last Bouknight couldn't carry Terrys jock strap . It's not close nothing to compare thair.

Just for me, I feel like we lost a more talented player in Monk, who we could have had for a good price for a less talented player in Bouknight, who basically plays the same way. And then we basically did the same thing to him that we did with Monk. But hopefully Bouknight surprised this season.

But onto Kai…. I really can’t wait to see him unleashed.

Y’all are giving up on Bouk way too early. He is the type of player that will grow leaps and bounds as he matures.


Yeah I mean if you’re to the point you’d trade Bouk for a second rounder then clearly that’s just a personal dislike which you’re entitled to but thank Goodness no one in a position of power is that short sited. Obviously he handled the situation with Borrego pulling him wrong in the moment and he needs to grow up from that attitude. Everything he said in the exit interview before JBs firing indicated he recognized he was wrong for that and that he was going to put in the work this offseason to be a better pro. But he barely touched the court and during the minimal time that he did, I didn’t see anything that discouraged me about his skill. I’m pretty confident his talent and skill set will earn him a role in the league for many years and I’m still intrigued by his potential.

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If he matures. If.

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I definitely don’t really want to give up on him… it’s still so early. I just still like the idea of Monk better but it could still work out.

To be clear, I don’t think Bouknight is better than Terry, just that he projects to be better based on potential (IMO).

Glad to see I’m not the only one. :slightly_smiling_face:

While I think moving Bouknight, or Terry, would be the prudent thing to do for the balance of our roster, I wouldn’t get rid of Bouknight on the cheap. Yes, he needs to grow up and mature, but he still has undoubted talent and could develop into a very good 6th Man.

Bouk needs to show more before I’d say he projects to be better than Terry, but I’m far from giving up on the guy. I think pandemic made a lot of development and assessment challenging. Think Bouk may have been a victim of that. But he’s had the opportunity to understand what he needs to do, and I think he still has a lot of potential.

Attitude will determine if he makes it on this team. Unlike Kai I haven’t seen the extra effort. His body language so far has said it all. Me I would get rid of him while he still has some positive value. Bouk in my opinion is way behind Martin

Dav, I don’t necessarily disagree, but I also think he’s still young and has developed as an adult during the pandemic. I’m also not sure what he’s like at practice or how he responds to coaching, though there are certainly some signs. I definitely think he’s worth at least another year. If we can get a definite piece of need for him, then I’d be fine with trading him, but I wouldn’t toss him away for a second.

I agree . I just think he’s going to be added to other assets to try and land another large asset.
His value I know I said a second but if we move him in the off season I think he could command a low 20 to a late 20ish pick. I think he will be added to 13 or 15 or both in a larger deal . Don’t be surprised if Kai is moved too. I think he has a lot of teams interested in him .

Not Kai! You stop right there!

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Kai might net us a first and a decent point or wing. I think most gms know Kai is going to end up real good.

Exactly… so why trade him when he was a first round pick, for another first round pick. I don’t see the point there. The potential is too great to let him go for a “decent” player.

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If it lands us our long term starting big id trade Kai but if it’s just for a one or two year fix then no.

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I agree with G Wallace It all depends what he could net us in return. Just a player might be enough . It all comes down to what other teams offer for him. Upside will determine if other GMs even want him.