MJ selling team 2023?

He’s super into fishing too. His big rock entries are way past hobby

Despite the lack of on court success, I like having MJ as owner of the team. Bad business choices, especially early on were on him, but bad luck also played a big part as well, its just most of the stories seem to lump the string of bad luck on him as if he’s the cause of Hornets’ Law.

And some of the decisions were understandable based on prior relationships he built that contributed to his success. I wish he would’ve gone outside of his circle to have an objective view of team building and avoid the yes men that have followed him for years. Part of the learning curve.

And I really think he’s great in the community with charity and philanthropy, it’s just never focused on because more people click on stories that pile on instead of uplift.

That said, if there is a change I would like to see, it’s to move on from the “old school” viewpoint of how basketball should be. Not only has the game itself evolved, but so have mindsets, attitudes, upbringing, training, technology, communications. For better or worse, it’s here, and we can’t force old ways as a team identity.

If its paying for top rated lodging, or spending more on better facilities, or yes, not being afraid to make moves to improve your squad, even if it means touching the luxury tax every now and then. I know people don’t like to lose money, especially billionaires, but team ownership isn’t necessarily a moneymaking investment, at least not on a year to year basis. Valuations will always go up, owners can always multiply their investment from their initial purchase after a period of years.

So if thats the case, why worry about staying so tight to the salary budget, when you’ll get an exponentially higher return once you sell rather than a few million in extra expenses.

I do also hope the new leadership doesn’t see the team as just a tool in the business world that helps them open up other investment opportunities outside basketball. Billionaires who live mostly in other big cities don’t necessarily have the same community focus, don’t care as much about the locals and their experience. Maybe since Gabe’s been around and sees how Jordan cares about the place, maybe elements may rub off on him.

If Mr. Hedge Fund Tepper though can humble himself and allow football people to make the big decisions for the Panthers, then maybe the new Hedge Fund Hive owners have the capacity to do the same, and are willing to invest in the team and management as how the true professional sports teams are run on this planet.

Damn, I gotta stop writing full articles every reply I make…

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Good Lord this is brutal to read. Not that i think it’s an entirely intellectually honest assessment, there are some reasons as to why some of those things are as they are. But this is likely to be closer to the narrative than anything with nuance in the long run.

Yeah, as you said, not the most unbiased article there. I mean, no one is going to nominate MJ for exec of the year, but this guy would have you believe Jordan is directly responsible for every single thing that’s gone wrong in the organization since 2006. I kept waiting for him to somehow blame MJ for the meteorologist blowing the local forecast.

There’s certainly plenty to find fault with throughout his tenure when he was directly managing personnel, but it seems this guy was definitely reaching with some of the criticisms in that article. And if he’s going to pick nits by blaming Jordan for all the personnel miscue’s that have occurred while he was owner, then he should give him credit for the positive things as well. If you’re going to blame him for trading 13 last year, then you have to give him credit for flipping Devante for a 1st to begin with. Or for the second round talent like Devante, McDaniels etc. that has been mined under his watch. And if you’re going to criticize him for all of MW’s pre-Christmas DNPs, then give him credit for the fact that he’s starting now and for making the trade that made that possible. And he’s seriously criticizing Jordan for not being a luxury paying team? That’s absurd! Again, questioning MJ’s personnel decisions as GM or whatever his title was is fair game. But we don’t know the extent to which he’s been involved in personnel moves as an owner and this guy clearly was not interested in providing a fair and balanced analysis.

Yeah, like i said, i don’t think it’s an intellectually honest assessment, but i think it’s likely to be a common narrative.

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They have had an almost uncanny ability to draft wrong.

The players they were tied to but didn’t pick
D Mitchell
Brad Beal

And the the times they did select correctly it was just poor timing to be lower lottery in good drafts.

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Don’t forget Frank the tank over Booker.


This. The draft history is painful. I’m gonna throw in taking Alexis Ajinca over Ryan Anderson(same draft as Augustin over Lopez) when the rest of the league had figured out a stretch 4 was a thing and the Bobcats had nothing of the sort. I think they had traded for that pick in the hopes of getting Ajinca or Hibbert. Yikes.

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Wow that article sums it up and makes me wonder why we are fans. Hopefully next year will be much better.

Hope people enjoy reading my latest for SI



I do not have great feels for Plotkin. But a change, for team and for MJ.

Hotels on the road, sports science staff, analytics staff, front office staff, and coaching salaries. These all need additional investment to catch up with the rest of the NBA.

One of my constant gripes has been a the lack of competitive investment despite spin and talk about winning.
So frustrating and infuriating because could have been special.

MJ owner brings an unmatched level of gravitas and prestige to franchise and community. Any Newbie can’t match this…and won’t get Airness slide…from anti union stance and pay reduced to 57 to 50 percent, not spend money on players/staff/stuff, croynism…a losing product nearly every year.
Edit: used status big in management threat break union & small market-union fight, luxury tax, reduced player dollars & more owner tv money, and frankly lesser dependent for ticket sales & quality of product (imo). A lot made of use of status…not going to be allowed in room next negotiation and expect union try walk back

Not going to be easy. Newbie owner needs only willing to invest but doing so while restructure organization nearly entirely from top down.

Recycle forum thread and new team slogan…most important summer in franchise history…again.


MJ lost his shares to Gabe during an intense Poker round. But while Gabe was celebrating his win too much, MJ received a secret recorded video of Gabe snorting coke of a Thai hooker’s ass while insider trading with Kim Jong Un.

So after this simple blackmail, all is back to normal as a big happy family.

@ QC_T - I’ve posted some crazy sh!t on this board but that takes the All Time Cake Award.


I do love cake. Red velvet if made correctly is unmatched.

But also, my conspiracy theories are fully tongue in cheek, I don’t always put the /s for crazy rantings if I think they’re obvious. But knowing the internet, I realize these things aren’t so obvious anymore.

As for the article, wasn’t sure if he meant Jordan was reconsidering from his initial consideration for selling, or reconsidering from his reported reconsideration of the sale. Or was he reconsidering as in considering again to sell rather than reconsidering as in going the opposite of his consideration. A re-reconsideration to consider, considering that it wasn’t clear which step of the consideration process was being reconsidered. I think thats correct.

Assuming the article is truthful, MJ didn’t lose half a billion when the team got the #2 pick. He just didn’t gain half a billion of value. But I would argue that if Wemby is worth that much today then Scoot should be worth at least one tenth of that.

lol this is SEO at its finest. He had around half a billion paper loss on GME thanks to Gabe Plotkin of the no longer existent Melvin Capital.

This is what I was saying on another thread. I totally agree. People forget how coveted an NBA top 3 pick is. It takes serious assets to acquire a top 3 pick.

And assets equal money. And I think adding an impressive #2 picks adds value. Opposed to the #7 pick.

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Doesn’t the team become more valuable w Scoot? Unfortunately this is likely a factor in who we select.

Yes!!! I should have read this post 20 some days ago!