Off Season Changes?

I’m not interested in re signing miles bridges. That period of two months were his 3P% was up and he was in the mix for the early lead on most improved player-IMO that is his absolute ceiling. The rest of the year, his 3P% and overall game came back down to reality.

I’d imagine he’ll get close to the max around 28-30million per. Terry is making 26m+.

I’m not clogging up the cap by dedicated 80-90m to three players in Hayward, Terry, bridges. If miles was guaranteed to play at his ceiling all season, sure. But the good miles we saw was his absolute ceiling. Pass.

I know I’m in the minority opinion there. I’d rather sign and trade.

I agree with a lot of that and understand the feeling. Seems like the choice will be 28yo Rozier or 24yo Bridges at this specific moment. Would it be easier to find a 2 or 3 to fit with Lamelo? Also wonder if Melo has much weight in those choices. I THINK I’d prefer to move Hayward and Terry and sign Bridges to less than a max…

Put me in the other camp. Miles and Melo are a strong start to a good core. We have Miles money now . We have enough expiring’s and very tradeable contracts in Plumlee, Harrell, Oubre. to sign a good big. We have enough young players who are or will be decent rotation players . Batum’s 8 million comes off the same year as Washington contract. Hayward’s contract comes off when we need to sign Mello. So keeping a very young core can be done along with adding a center. And we wanting to trade away 2o,ppg along with 7 rebounds and 5 assist. GET real hear . You really want to trade him. Terry i could see moving for a bigger 3 and D type player . But remember terry is a positive contract .We can’t take crap or just upside.

All so Hayward only has two more years left on his contract. Last this this team ranks 28th in paid players. We sit at 122 million a year Luxury tax is 149 million a year . Needless to say 27 more million might be enough to sign Miles.


Call me crazy but…

Hornets get:
Cole Anthony
Terrence Ross
Corey Kispert
Daniel Gafford

Wizards get:
Terry Rozier
Jalen McDaniels
Nick Richards

Magic get:
Kyle Kuzma
22 Hornets 1st Round Pick

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Agree. There’s also the chemistry/friendship issue and how that builds & binds the team too. Not to mention we need some quality in our roster, as we’re clearly not going to tank, and I’d rather spend low to mid 20s on a young, versatile forward with promise than an undersized SG who doesn’t compliment LaMelo (or Miles for that matter).

Strictly speaking, @powellrmp makes a good point about sinking too much cap into players that haven’t shown they can take over games on a regular basis. The best value contract, aside from a high level rookie, is a max player. By this I mean a player whose contract is limited by the max level. The worst value contract is a max, or near max, for a player who doesn’t deserve it. So we do have to be careful, no doubt.

A high contract core of Terry, Miles & GH isn’t going to cut it. I’d love to move GH and be happy to move Terry and go for a soft reset. Ball, new 3&D SG, Miles, PJ, new rim protecting C; Bouknight, McDaniels, Thor, Kai, new PG would be that soft reset, with PJ being the next most likely to be moved.

This is where i am 100%. Fully in the re-sign Miles camp. What’s the point of drafting well and building up our own if this isn’t the hill we’re willing to die on? Plus to Dav’s point, the contracts are stacked such to be able to afford this.


I definitely appreciate caution in signing in Bridges. I think he’s still developing, in terrific shape, and has shown he can get better. That being said, I could be talked into he’s not a blue chip piece that is going to get you a championship. The part I don’t like is spending assets on AD who may play half seasons for the rest of his career. That’s why I’m thinking you do a Red Cross swap of AD and GH and maybe throw in a pick or a lesser asset, then go for it. But I’m not interested in leveraging multiple picks and assets to get the guy.

Hahaha! Love it.

I tend to agree with you. But if you (meaning the team), you better have a plan that sends a clear signal to melo.

If you do resign him, as i have said before, both terry and hayward must be off loaded

We’ve already died on that hill, two seasons in a row. Not getting through the play in. That hill being Terry, Miles, Gordon.

And now that “hill” is going to get more expensive.

Do not mince my words. I like Miles Bridges. And it would really pain me on several levels to see him walk. But you can’t ignore the cap reality for the next couple years. Can we afford it? Yeah. Can we afford anything else? No.

It’s not just dying on that hill, but dying and being stuck in cap limbo for a few years after dying on that hill too.

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I have been following this team since 2006. There have been 2 different cycles of dying on the capped out 12th to 7th place hill.

Can’t do it again

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Can we afford Miles yea. Can we afford a good center all so yea . Look at the cap close and look at the money we have to spend . Miles is nothing but a good spend a no brainer. We do need to look to trade Oubre and Plumlee off the books. Easy contracts to trade . Played right Plumlee saves us 5 million and Oubre saves us another 5 million . With the non guarantee. Those two with our 1st could net us someone like a Bam type. We do need to all so use our mle to sign a Herder type . The way the books are set we could look like this and still not in tax hell.
Martin , McDaniels ,Hayward IT type. Kia. Thor, Bouknight type.
Hayward money needs to be used to Sign Melo. Batum money needs to be used to sign Washington or a player of replacing Washington
Main thing is we can’t stay at 122 million and be competive.

The Hornets had 3 good players last year - LaMelo, Miles, & Terry. Nearly everyone else is replaceable from a talent perspective. Letting 1 of 3 good players go for cap reasons is a terrible idea. The team needs to bite the bullet somewhere else if they want to win long term.

In related, this is also why I’m only OK with trading Terry if it brings back another really good player.


If we traded Miles for AD who would be healthy, I’d do it. I really like Miles, but I don’t think he’ll ever be the player Davis is. But maybe Miles will still get better. Im just super afraid of paying him the max. I feel like he’s on the verge of being an allstar but I’m not sure about superstar.

That being said, I doubt AD will ever be healthy for a full season again, so I just don’t know.


I just can’t justify paying Miles a max (or near max) contract because he had two really exceptional months before coming back down to reality. If Miles finished the year playing at or near that level, I wouldn’t be so hesitant.

If Miles is signed for a near max deal, Gordon Hayward has gotta go. And that’s just not happening. It’s funny to me reading other Hornets forums because people seem to think that Hayward has trade value and teams are going to actually give up real players and assets to acquire him. That’s laughable and out of touch with reality.

Reports indicate that the trade market is cold and value is down on Anthony Davis…If the market for AD is cold…the market for Hayward is arctic subzero cold.

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Agree on Hayward, I can’t fathom that a player who’s overpaid, whose contract is too long and who misses 1/3rd of the season has positive trade value.

With Miles, it all comes down to what he’s willing to hold out for. I fear he’s not one for a home town discount but do think we are his realistic first choice.

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I agree with you on Hayward . And disagree with you on Miles . Him and Mello are our long term core. Pay the man.

For those in favor of paying Miles max or near max money… Curious to hear what type of player you think he develops to as he reaches his peak? For me, he’s just been so inconsistent with flashes of really really good that I can’t grasp where his future is with us. If he could be consistently at his best I would have no problem paying him a max but I haven’t seen any consistency.

Unfortunately, as is usual for the Hornet franchise dating back to forever, we put ourselves in the position to either pay him big time or let him walk for pretty much nothing. If you look at it like that you almost have to pay him regardless of whether he ever develops consistent high caliber play. Too early to say whether we could possibly sign and trade… Also does anyone have any guess whether Melo wants/has any say to resigning Bridges?


Last season for those first two months Miles was a monster. He was motivated and played like a top 10 guy. Then teams started planning for him and he didn’t have an answer for the increased coverage. Finally his D dropped off a cliff for the last two months (and he wasn’t the only one either).

IMHO his best case is that early season guy, but that he learns to deal with tighter D and to play better D himself.
24 PPG, 7.7 RPG, 4.8 APG, .370 3P%.

Last season his best month ORtg was 123 … absurd. His best DRtg was 109 which isn’t bad at all. If he could do both of those at once for most of a season he would definitely be a max guy.

I think that it’s pretty likely that Miles gets a big deal and that the team cuts corners elsewhere to keep him.

And OF COURSE the team is going to factor in Melo’s relationship with the guy. Keeping Melo is the #1 priority.


My guess is 5 years 125 million . I all so say 20ppg 7 boards 4.5 assist. Miles is anything but a black hole . He all ways has kind of low shot attempts 12 per game on average. Mello and Terry around 17 yet Miles led the team in scoring. You guys want to let him walk for what Nothing or four who? Him and Mello claim to be best friend’s and want to build together. I can’t believe it’s even a thought of letting him walk. Him and Melo is the top two core players we have drafted sense Larry and ZO. Why don’t we just trade him for Westbrook straight up . WOW.

        Name two payers we have drafted in the past twenty years better than Ball and Miles
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