Off Season Changes?

Let me make it clear that I am a fan of Miles! I’d prefer he be on this team and absolutely don’t want to let him walk for “nothing”. Just trying to consider all the angles here (just for discussion as it’s the front office’s job to manage all this.)

What players in the game today would be comparable, what is their money situation? If Bridges takes a step back after he gets the contract would he still be worth a max or almost max contract?

I feel like we’ll sign Miles to a BIG contract maybe even a Max. I believe there will be some teams who push for him and the fact that he and Ball seem to be close will factor into that. Having said that; I realllly hope if we do put that faith in him, that he continues to progress and elevates his game with consistency.

It’s cliche but I think he develops into Miles Bridges. He’s a secondary playmaker, get-to-the-line, athletic, stuff-you-in-the-basket wing, who has shown he can find a 3-pt shot in an NBA where those guys are very hard to find. If he makes half the leap next year defensively that he did in driving, drawing contact, and playmaking this past year, he is in the All Star discussion. If his 3-point shooting takes that upward trajectory in subsequent years, that’s a huge piece for us. His FT shooting indicates he’s got that 3 pointer in him.

I agree - the 125m target over 5 years seems totally reasonable and as I said originally, I feel pretty confident that even there, he’ll be outplaying his contract in years 2 and 3 (and I am not worried about him breaking even in years 4 & 5).

If we let Miles walk (or S&T), a guy we drafted and developed and invested time in, who has a great relationship with our 1A guy, I honestly don’t know what we are doing as an organization. I don’t believe anything we can bring in for him (in a S&T) has the guaranteed chemistry he and Melo have already.


I feel like any sort of “the trade market for Anthony Davis is weak” statement inherently comes with the “for what you’d expect to get for Anthony Davis” part unsaid. That’s a guy who was supposed to be something like a top-5 trade asset a few years back. I’d be shocked if they couldn’t get useful matching salary and two-three firsts out of a few teams for him.

All that’s to say that maybe you aren’t getting any sort of great trade offer for Hayward, but if the goal is just to get off some money and get one or two supporting cast guys I bet someone bites.

Top 2022 NBA free agents: James Harden, Zach LaVine, Kyrie Irving lead list of potentially available players -

Miles is ranked sixth behind only Hardon, LaVine , Irving, Beal . Ayton with Ayton being the only other ufa free agent that high.

Never going to happen but Bradley Beal would be amazing. S&T with Terry going out


Have wanted him here for years man. We were close a few times.


And with the second pick, the Charlotte Bobcats don’t select Bradley Beal

FWIW, Wizards fans are tired of Beal.

I am happy to relieve them of their angst

It’s not been talked about much but Bradley Beal wasnf exactly playing at Bradley Beal levels last year. That would make me nervous.

Also there was a time the Wizards would’ve allegedly traded us Beal during the Kemba years but wanted Monk plus 2 FRPs and everyone thought it was too much lol

According to Wiz fans, Beal has been a net negative for a couple of seasons and he has become frustratingly inefficient. Obviously Beal next to Lamelo would be amazing but I have notice his perceived value nationally seems to be a lot more than what Washington fans generally think from what I observed this season.

The wizard fans are delusional. This would be like any of us trying to make the claim that LaMelo is holding back the hornets success and using some convoluted stats to try to make the case.

Bradley Beal is literally the only basketball player worth anything on that team for the last 4 years

I may be missing some nuance but the biggest issue I saw Washington fans having with Beal is that his next contract is going to be one of the top 4 largest contracts in the NBA. That’s a problem since Beal isn’t a top 4 player. They think it’s going to keep the team from substantially improving for quite a while if he signs it.

There were some complaints about his poor D and over reliance on long 2s, but I got the feeling that they would live with that if not for the $$ he’s about to command.


This is exactly what my problem would be with Beal. He’s great but he’s not top 4 great. He’s not the best player on a championship team great, to me. If we play “what have you done for me lately”, his stats this season weren’t much better than Rozier. Shot a lower percentage from 3, about to turn 29, starting to have injuries, played fewer games. He’s a player you’d love to have but I’d be concerned about paying him the kind of money he’s likely to get.

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I still think we need to address the center position than to worry about signing someone like Beal. I really feel like a good center will put us where we want to be.

Absolutely. It’s vital we address the Centre position. Doing so is clearly the key to us taking strides as a franchise and making noise in a playoff series.

I’d have moving on from GH’s contract as the second priority and getting a starting 3&D SG to compliment LaMelo & Miles as the third (though I’m not convinced the front office will pull the 3&D SG trigger as it would almost certainly mean trading Terry).

If we can accomplish all the above we become a viable second round playoff team IMHO, but the first two are essential.

I got a solution to clearing Gordon’s salary:

So you wait for Harden to sign his option, then we trade Hayward + Terry for James and we never bother trying to re-sign him in 2022-23.

Kidding but if clearing salaries is so vital and not worrying about replacing those contracts like for like…

  1. No one wants Gordon Hayward. If we don’t want him in Charlotte, I promise that no one else does. I’d trade both of our first round picks (13 and 15) to ship out Hayward’s salary. There’s no one at 13 or 15 that’s going to change our franchise. Riding ourselves of the Hayward contract would do more to free up growth potential for this roster than picks 13 and 15. We have Bouknight, Thor, and Kai Jones developing as is.



Pretty good read on our off-season situation

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So you’re saying there’s a chance? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: