Off Season Changes?

How much do you think he’d demand?

Gordon money is my guess - like 4x30m as an offer sheet. I’d assume they match anything because of that CP discount last year but I don’t honestly have a clue. Sarver is pretty unpredictable.

For clarity, we’re not one of the teams that can make this happen. I am just referencing Gordon-money as a dollar amount.

We can make it happen with S&T. It is possible. We should throw what we can at thwm for him and I would max him out to get him. It would justify giving Bridges big $ too with a core if Lamelo, Miles. Ayton.

It seems as though there’s an almost subconscious consensus that Terry isn’t part of our core, moving forwards. Every time a potential, good new player is discussed, he gets added to Ball & Miles as our ‘big 3’.

I wonder why, therefore, I don’t see others posting about Terry trades?

I like him. I like the way he took the reins and showed leadership in the previous off-season. I like his shooting. I just think he’s a 6th man we’re paying like a starter, who doesn’t fit with LaMelo or Miles. I get that there isn’t the pressing need to get his salary off the books in the way there is for GH, but I think we could get something good back for him now and clear more space moving forwards.

I think of Terry as part of the core. Just as a short-term core member…2-3 years while Miles and Mello are long term core members…7+ years. I think those three need to continue building the franchise together while the FO figures out how to remove or shorten Gordons cap burden, bring in more talent and the coaches develop our stable of young guys, hoping to find another core player somewhere in all of that. That’s why I’m thinking of getting James Wiseman from Golden State. He is non-existent this season and I now have GS as the favorite to win the championship so think they would be willing to move him for other assets and picks.

My concern is that he has yet to prove he’s an NBA impact player. I’d rather roll with our center project in Kai vs make any moves for Wiseman. It’s such a lower cost for potentially the same outcome.


Terry is a trade chip at this point. A complimentary piece necessary for every team, clutch shooter, game SHOULD be built for playoffs, can penetrate, pull up, rim creativity, tough shots,etc.

Great catch and shoot to have next to Lamelo, but not a “have to have” core piece such as Miles.

It wouldn’t surprise me to see him traded over the next 6-8 weeks. However, we can’t afford to lose him from a spacing perspective without replacing that shooting.

I think of a situation where we could plug someone like Dort into the Terry role and trade Terry to bolster other parts of roster.

I can envision that the gain there defensively would offset the loss of offense.

Basically saying that if we trade Terry that 3 and D type might be best option for replacememt next to Lamelo.

Would Bucks be interested in a Holiday swap? Doubt it. But thats the type I envision as the guy we need next to Lamelo.

Terry is a dawg and I love him but we need size and length and a defensive anchor (that isn’t a Martin).

I like Wiseman too and would be up for trying to get him if we didn’t already have Kai. I’m with @Eastley in that I don’t think Wiseman has shown he can be thought of as starter material yet and, as such, would just eat Kai’s minutes as our backup centre.

Yep. In a perfect world, we’d replace Terry with the unicorn that is the lengthy 3&D SG who would defend the opponent’s best Guard. Here’s hoping …

I always wanted a derrick white kind of guy.

GS drafting Wiseman is the best thing that ever happened to the Hornets. The guy was a hugely risky draft pick with a tiny college sample size. His AAU numbers were average at best. He’s done nothing in the league to show that he’s something other than that AAU guy even when healthy. Trading for him now would be a horrific move.

Okongwu would have been the big man to get in that draft.

Too early to count out Wiseman, he showed some signs from a “blessed” standpoint but his BBIQ is a major question mark, he also had no idea what he was doing defensively.

But his measurements, along with his shooting touch (he does have upside there) give me hope.

I’m thinking I would rather risk being able to get a center and a 3 and D in the draft. At 13 and 15 might be able to get Duren or Williams, and 1 of Sochan, Dieng, Agbaji. To get Wiseman will take giving up assets, we already have the assets to get Duren or Williams, with the same amount of risk in my opinion.

Yea, I really liked Okongwu coming out.

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I don’t think so. Plumlee’s contract would probably do it because it’s not fully guaranteed for next year and a second. GS doesn’t want anymore youth and by cutting Plumlee they can pay GPIII and Poole. That’s 9 mill

Did anyone watch Wiseman in the g-league and have a report on how he played?

Wiseman was my absolute favorite prospect that draft and he showed flashes his first month in GS. But right now I think I might prefer going after a veteran proven center and continuing to develop Kai in the background

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I’d give anything* to acquire shai gilgeous-alexander from OKC. They like hoarding picks, so let’s just give them more. Find a way to get Shai and then trade Rozier’s contract to someone else to make salary work.

*and by anything I mean the 13th, 15th, and Gordon Hayward.


So I know this is delusional thinking and I expect the Suns will do what they have to (match a max offer) to sign Ayton but IFFFF… If they’re not going to sign Ayton, might they consider something like Hayward, Kai, and one or two of the 1st round picks in a sign and trade? Maybe replace Kai with PJ if they prefer the experience and some proven success.

Seems crazy but, there is some logic to the idea they may not pay him. They passed on giving him the max after a great season that led to an NBA finals appearance. I don’t see how a colossal collapse in the second round vs a four seed in game 7 on your home court where you only play 17 minutes and get benched by your coach of the year due to an “internal” disagreement, can make them anymore encouraged to sign him to a max deal.

IF they decide they don’t want to sign him we know they’re in win now mode. It stands to reason they’ll want to get something for him vs letting him walk for nothing. If you look at the teams that have the cap space to sign him like OKC or the Spurs, what are they offering a team in “win now mode” that’s going to be significantly better? Sure OKC has picks galore to offer but is that so appealing to a win now team. They’re not giving up SGA or Giddey or a top 3 pick in this draft for Ayton.

Hayward is a helluva useful player to a contending team like the Suns. He moves the ball, he can shoot from deep, he’s got the mid range game and he’s got size. He’d be another bucket getter.

Of course the knock is his injury history which you can’t deny. But if we’re being honest, this years injury, getting rolled up on was flukey as hell and could have happened to anyone and they would’ve been out. It’s not like his injury was caused by fatigue or wearing down. But I get it, the perception is hard to overcome and the reality is he has not finished the last two season. Just thinking if they can get him to the playoffs healthy, what better could they hope to get.

I’d hate to give up Kai but Ayton already is what we’re hoping he’ll become. For the suns that gives them a young replacement in year 2 who’s shown some promise and they’d have on a rookie deal. The picks give them another stab at a replacement for Ayton and/or other young talented piece. Or PJ as another experienced, versatile (albeit smaller) replacement.

Hayward is the better fit for them IMO but if they can’t get past the injuries, maybe rozier works instead. Its pretty far fetched but it would sure check a lot of boxes for us if we could pull off something like this.

This week is the first time that I’ve actually believed that Ayton actually might not be back in Phoenix next year. If he goes though, my guess is it’s more likely to be somewhere like Detroit with Saric’s contract for Jerami Grant, Isaiah Stewart, and Olynyk. I’m not sure Hayward at that price does a ton for a cost-consious Phoenix team.

I never believed Sabonis was available until he actually was dealt. He’s young and very productive, don’t know why a building team would shop him. Halliburton may be really good, but still betting on continued progression which is no guarantee to even get to Sabonis’ level.

Ayton does seem like he can be pulled away. Sarver is a cheap ass which is great, I’m sure he doesn’t want to spend max money on 17 minute internal distraction in a disappointing 2nd round exit. I do think Gordon would actually fit really nice on the Suns, once they started blitzing Booker, he would excel at being a scorer/creator, especially if Paul was off.

With the injury risk, maybe you throw in a first this year and a future 1st, maybe PJ could be the versatile big that would help keep up with the western style of play. Other than Jokic, it seems most teams rely on the smaller, switchable bigs that can guard the perimeter. Ayton is needed for us in the East more to compete with the Bam’s, Embiid’s, Giannis’ss…

I feel like there’s a definite opportunity there, should try to swing. Not too afraid of Mitch overpaying because he’s more conservative, but may be worth throwing in extra stuff.