Off Season Changes?

Gif = giant warning light going off

Eh, I get it. He only had two more years left on his deal before UFA, while Haliburton is four years younger and has two more seasons to go before RFA. It’s a season or two of Sabonis versus somewhere between five and seven years of Haliburton.

Yes, giant warning light for Sarver. You don’t need this distraction in your life. Send him away to basketball purgatory away from the Western Conference so you don’t have to see him anymore. Gordon and his cool haircuts are not a distraction at all, will fit in well in Arizona.

I don’t know, I feel like the cost benefit for Sabonis is higher. A proven commodity with a harder position to fill, likely could resign him. I don’t know how high Hali’s peak is, he could be just good enough where he’s gonna be due a near max like Miles, but might not ever be an all star in the east. Sabonis near max a couple years earlier in time will be cheaper than Hali’s near max. And gonna be easier to draft or sign similarly skilled guard than a similarly skilled big.

They should’ve looked to get something for Myles. Unless Halliburton really pops and proves me wrong, but I can see teams like the heat or mavs blitzing him like booker and making him irrelevant in big games.

Big question, is Mo Bomba’s time in Orlando over thanks to the lottery results?


I love Miles but I kind of wish we would have just kept Shai instead.

God I hope so. I’ve been banging the drum for Bamba forever it feels like


This gives me heartburn harkening back to what I think was identical language around keeping Kemba before his last season here.


But Kemba was a shrimp w less talent than Miles. Kemba could not stay healthy. Totally different. Paying miles is a smart decision. We are not the old Bobcats anymore.

I think Eastley’s point is the language is the same though, so not necessarily reliable in terms of intentions.

That said, I have to believe Miles is an easier commitment for a reasonable price than Kemba who was getting giant dollars.

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Exactly this

Ok I am now tracking!

I mean, what was Kupchak supposed to say? Just blow our cover that we will sign Miles at any cost?

He kept his cards close as he usually does. I was surprised that he said “no one” expected Miles to make that jump. I actually felt like quite a bit of the jump was actually made post ASG in 20-21.

I thought that was a pretty unanswerable question (in terms of specifics) in the situation he is currently in.

That’s probably true, but also is in line with why it’s not necessarily reliable.

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We should have got it done last year - signing Miles for years to come. We will have to pay more now because we asked him to prove it last year. Terrible management/owner decision. No foresight what so ever. Anyway it’s not my money but that decision makes it harder to keep PJ. I like PJ as a 6th man so I am no longer 100% against keeping him.

Count me as someone that doesn’t think Mitch is either a god or inept. I also feel strongly that he’s rationalizing the firing after the fact, which is the logical thing to do and I don’t fault him for that. His initial remarks more resembled someone that was told to throw out something in which he still found value.

Ultimately, the jury should still be out on Mitch’s tenure. If we are getting into ourselves that JB came up short, so has the FO. Where the hell have they been at getting with defensive aptitude on the wing for this roster in the last several years? Where are they in getting who could defend the rim AND catch a ball that wasn’t a heavily bloated contract?

Folks want to applaud Mitch for the genius of getting the 15th pick but to me, that’s pure luck - POR doesn’t do that trade with NOP, NOP has zero incentive to chase the playoffs and we are very SOL. Genius for the Terry S&T? If it wasn’t for JB moving him to the 2, I am not so sure that trade looks like anything positive. On the same token, good on him for the Miles + Graham (though I don’t know we go a month here w/out lamentations of giving up on Shai). Good on him for the Plumlee + Thor for a 57th pick. Good on him for the PJ draft and good that he didn’t trade up to get Wiseman. But the Hayward thing is hurting us now as has the waive and stretch of Batum.

On balance he’s been fine - not great and not bad. He now has 4 years of what’s nexts. I am hopeful it trends positively but one thing is for sure, he needs to find a way to make moves more like a upper tier organization rather than one just happy to be here.

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Compared to cho, he is definitely better. But the idea that a GM is amazing is almost always hindsight and never accounts for the massive amount of luck purely out of their control that is beneficial.

Your sentiment is exactly correct in that regard

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I don’t think anyone thinks that Mitch is an amazing GM, I’d probably give him a B- grade for his job here so far. It’s just better than the largely D-F grade GMs we’ve always had since the Bobcats came back.

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Just as Mitch’s conservative approach aids him in making good, well thought out decisions, I also think that his conservative approach prevents him from taking chances and making the splashes necessary for things to come into place. No upper echelon/top tier team has gotten to where they are by making all low risk, conservative choices. Mitch has also done a really nice job drafting and evaluating players for the most part.

And I think the “big” move of signing Hayward is great if he stays healthy. Just because I’m big on trading Gordon doesn’t mean I don’t love and value his game. But Mitch is smart, and he’s capable of a reality check-which is why he knew it was time to fire JB. This logic says that he’s ready and willing to move on from Hayward and knows it’s time. But will other teams bite without making the Hornets pay dearly for the salary dump? Doubt it.

And the few trades Mitch has made have been all wins. Say what you’ll say about Plumlee. Sure, he’s outmatched as a starter, but he’s on a very good team friendly contract and he can play good backup minutes. Mitch certainly hasn’t lost any trades.


I’ll be honest, I’m not as far on the super frustrated Mitch hasn’t found a center yet wagon because I just don’t feel like the move to get that center has really been there.

However, I feel like this is the offseason to make that splash that fans want, we have a plethora of assests. There are going to be players on the market who we can make a move for. This is the offseason to make that splash to set us up for the future.

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