The Brandon Miller Thread

Since most top rookies get their own thread, I thought it would be better to have a dedicated thread to discuss the newest lottery member apart from the other team or roster threads.

Hopefully over the last few days, everyone who wanted a different player has gotten over the hangover. There is a lot to like about Miller’s game and personality that I’ve seen in recent videos, that I definitely think will win fans over.

Just a simple run through his actual skillset, he’s not just a “safe” pick, there is actually a ton of upside and potential, and is truly something that is really hard to find in the NBA.

  • Elite shot-maker who displays an aptitude for hitting movement 3s off of handoffs and pick-and-pops. He has clean, effortless mechanics.
  • Flashes potential scoring ability off the dribble with high-arcing shots over smaller defenders from midrange, and deep pull-ups behind the arc. As the season has progressed, he’s getting to the rim with greater regularity.
  • Makes passes that players his size often don’t attempt, which is why he says he loves stealing moves from Paul George. He can drive into the paint and then rise over the defense to whip a pass to the opposite corner. He can also run a pick-and-roll, draw a blitz, then zip a pass to his rolling big. He has a great feel for the game when the ball is in his hands, and a bit of a flair, too, given his love for looking off defenders.
  • Active on-ball defender with the lateral quickness and length to contain multiple positions. Off the ball, he hustles and displays good instincts for navigating screens. He regularly logs chasedown blocks.
  • Crafty ball handler who dramatically improved as an at-rim finisher during his season, hitting over 65 percent of shots at the rim from early December until March.

I realized I highlighted about every word in that writeup, but these skills and intangibles don’t normally exist all in one player. There are definitely weaknesses that I am not overlooking, but looking at skills and strengths, this is a great list of traits for the prototypical wing star every team is looking for. On both sides of the ball. And he hustles too. And even tries to impact the game when his shot is struggling.

On his “lack” of athleticism - I feel some critics went way overboard to the point of almost making him seem not athletic at all. He is not Vince Carter, as are most people including NBA players, but he is still in the upper echelon of athletes. You don’t often see someone taking off from outside the paint, jump over a player and tomahawk on their heads if you’re an average athlete.

As for being shy or a weak personality that isn’t good in the spotlight - he’s actually a really playful goofy personality, self deprecating and not full of himself. But he also has a little swagger to him, isn’t afraid to talk trash, even with the king of trash talk in MJ. I think he will definitely endear himself to most of the fanbase if they’re not focusing on Mr. Supposed Star Personality That Got Away.

And of course, he has this cool confidence, maybe borderline brashness that he delivers in a laidback manner. But I love that kind of mindset, preparing for and expecting the best. NBA Finals next year? Alright, go for it!

Lastly, here are some highlights to reinforce the actual skillset he has. I was actually surprised with his passing ability and ball handling, especially later in the year. I read about the Paul George comps, but didn’t see it in the early highlights, but he showed it as the year went on.I think Miller has a chance to be a really special player, and even though Melo is a fan favorite, Miller could be a fellow fan favorite of a lot of fans too. And with Mark’s personality, I think he fits in great with our young core going forward.


It’s easy for me to talk myself into any player, it’s just the optimist in me. And while I said I leaned every so slightly towards Scoot, the whole time I was of the mindset our team was about to get a whole lot better and more exciting either way.

You brought up something that Dylan Jackson brought up, but even when his shot isn’t falling he doesn’t stop looking for ways to impact the game. Be it defensively or play making for others. That shows maturity and resilience beyond his years.

While he doesn’t posses blow by athleticism, he shows some bendiness and elasticity. I’m hoping he’s able to channel these as he develops as a shot creator. Like how he also shows some potential to use both hands, doesn’t favor one side of the rim or the other when driving.

These are just a few lesser known traits tba


Good post and, yes, Brandon deserves his own thread.

There is so much to like about his game, as you have highlighted. I tend to focus on his weaknesses because there are only a couple of them, and they are all that’s stopping him from being a true #1 option.

If he can get a bit more burst, and improve his handle a touch, he’ll be able to get by people. Without that separation, everything he tries to do next, especially attacking the rim, is that much harder. I think he’ll struggle as a rookie, when up against lengthy, athletic defenders. He’s no slouch, but I’m talking about raising his ceiling to that of a true #1 guy. He’ll need a bit more burst and craft to accomplish this.

A bit more strength and muscle mass would really help him too. Help him when he switches onto PFs and help him at the rim. If he can get better at the rim, become average starting Wing good, he’ll get more space to shoot it, more space to pass it, and be more effective in general. Anything above average is gravy and will start to move him towards that elite level potential.

A bit more burst, a bit more muscle mass & strength, and I think Brandon will unlock the capability of being a true #1 option. I’m very happy to have him on our roster, and I’m looking forward to watching his development.

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If you think about what he is already, and then what he can become, you do get very excited. I like his personality from what we’ve seen, I think he will fit well with the locker room. Plus he doesn’t have a ton of pressure to be the man right away.

I love his confidence - on multiple occasions he has said he is a shotmaker. I see him replacing Oubre’s role off the bench to start out, and then if he progresses well, a Hayward or Rozier trade at the deadline will let him progress to that starting role ideally.


Completely agree. I think this timeline will suit him well.

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Man! Expect me to contribute to this thread during the summer. He was our second overall pick!

Good thread QC!

Two things:

An announcer will describe B Miller as “long and and crafty” before his career is over.

In terms of ability/potential, how does Brandon compare to Glen Rice? I never thought of Glen Rice as an elite athlete, and I think Rice would be great in this era.

I saw him last night and couldn’t help thinking this is a glimmer of Glen Rice teborn.

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Same here, and how great that would be. Rice was already an excellent player, but I think he’d be even more of a force today.

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From what I understand this is the first time they met.

More good reviews on Miller!

He has a combination of size, skill and IQ that’s hard to find even in our league. Almost 6-foot-9. Very good decision maker. Great skill package. Better off the dribble than I realized. He has a big advantage in that he played for a terrific college coach (in Alabama’s Nate Oats) where there’s a lot of structure. We could see it even in summer league practices – he knows how to practice, everything is very serious, about doing his best. That’s the best for young guys to get up to speed quickly.

Take his relative lack of athleticism and strength out of the equation, and he’s a hell of a prospect. That’s what it all boils down to for me. His physical ability.

If he has more burst than the consensus considers him to have, or can develop it, great. Then he could guard down a position to the #2 and will be more able to get to the rim. If he has more strength than the consensus considers him to have, or can develop it, great. Then he could guard up a position to the #4 and will be more able to finish at the rim.

It’s going to be interesting to watch his development. I have my fingers crossed.

I dont see the lack of Athleticism that some do I mean he isnt LeBron but he also isnt on PEDs soooo IDK what to say, thank goodness he is more built than Durant was when he came in the league? Haha

I think he’s a fluid athlete. He’s NBA calibre. And his skillset means he has a high floor.

But, to my eye at least, he lacks burst and he clearly lacks muscle mass. So acceleration to beat his man, to get to them rim, and then strength to finish. Adding these physical tools will open up the ceiling of becoming a true triple threat player.

Only thing I am concerned about is first step

With his jump shot he doesn’t need burst. Paul Pierce is a hall of famer without burst. Larry Bird wasn’t destroying people off the dribble. The modern nba has created the idea that you have to be able to get by people with athleticism. You don’t have to.

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That’s a fair point, but it’s pretty clear that, to overcome a lack of burst, he needs some pretty elite level footwork and deception. So, you’re right in that it won’t definitely prevent him from being a three level scorer, but it would certainly help him get there.

It’ll certainly be interesting to watch him develop. A high ceiling, two-way team player who makes the right play is a bloody nice piece to have on the roster. LaMelo, Miller & Williams is a good young starting core, PJ’s a good 7th man and Richards a good backup #5, plus we have some interesting prospects in Bryce, NSJ, Bailey & Thor. We’ve got holes, but I like where we’re at, as long as the new owners are patient and not looking for a quick splash. What I’d give for the right starting #2!

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Also it is worth mentioning that a knock down jumper + elite footwork absolutely allows you to get to the basket off the dribble especially if you master the shot fake