Tonight at 7,00 on Bally . I just want to see inprovment and be competive . Would like to see Hayward and Martin get a little burn. Would all so like to see Williams take some of Richards burn . A KAI sighting would all so be nice too.

Getting to see this is a pleasant surprise!

Expect I’ll be eating those words.

Please please trade Richards. like now. I can’t stand the thought of Williams and kai sitting all season because he’s playing AND they will only win 20 games anyway

It is a shame that Hayward can’t stay healthy

So how everybody that doesn’t have cable or satellite watch hornets games???

Argh matey

I have cable and I’m watching radio as the broadcast is mostly frozen tonight

Argh on that ankle sprain for LaMelo.

Well damn… hope he’s back by the start of the season. Saw Plumlee hurt his ankle too… maybe he’ll have to sit for the whole season.

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Dropped Spectrum at the end of last season. Using League Pass now. The video quality goes in and out, but I like the $ savings!! I was fed up with cable and happy for the change.

Williams looked real good . McGalwens looks real good at 6.6 he needs to be playing over Bouknight until Bouknight starts shooting and playing defense better. Hayward looked ready to go we being real careful with him. Terry looked good all so. Richards looked decent but needs to work on defense. I don’t know what to think about Thor, McDaniels , except they real long.

Missed this one but looks like Bouknight got some shots to fall tonight, how was he?

He’s not very good

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Bouknight got some shots to fall, played inspired defense, but man his handle needs a ton of work.

He looks like a raw rookie.

Bouknight made more layups than missed this game, otherwise not good.

But entire 4th quarter group not good, blown out 35-18. Bunch of unknown guards abused us.

Easy Choose Mark of the two Dukies, But Carey look great compared to last year. In great shape and not oncourt buffoon.

Fine, get rid of mason


Fuck this team sucks. I love it!! Cliff’s offense and JB’s defense?? We’ve got some really good core ingredients for prime tanking. If we want to really commit to the tank, this is what needs to happen:

-Gordon Hayward to continue to be himself and get injured from sneezing or thinking too hard.
-Play Plumlee. Let the man dribble. Run the offense through him. Let cliff pretend he’s Vucevic.
-Nick Richards love ya buddy! Eat some minites!
-Bouknight keep stinking it up! Chuck away! Be a turnstile with legs and be the turnover machine you were born to be baby!