2021-2022 season (Other)

Yeah I don’t understand what they expect to be able to get that’s better than that

If I were them, I would try to keep Harris. Maybe heild, haliburtun for Simmons.

But I wonder if Barnes + haliburton + heild would be better against Brooklyn or Milwaukee.

Have yourself a night my guy.

I think they’re just hellbent on one of Harden, Lillard, or Beal and it’s as simple as that.

I’m sure nothing comes of it but it looks like Mitch made an inquiry on Simmons at least.

Biz is currently averaging 10 7 and a block a game in twenty minutes

too bad we can never have a guy like Biz… wait

A much as I am pro player, and pro player empowerment, I don’t think what Dragic is doing falls into that category.

NBA Live Stream (SpinDavies) is saying Harden is headed to Philly

With Drummond to the Nets, perhaps that allows them to move Claxton.

Please be us

What the HELL just happened between DAL and WAS? Kristaps to WAS for Spencer? NFW

That’s n.v.t.s.

Bad trade both ways

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Prolly worse for WAS but maybe that’s the point, it’s like a who cares trade at 10s of millions instead of the normal ones at minimum contracts.

Ah, this makes it make more sense as I think Davis too was dead money walking

Bertans was a killer for one year, damn

Net,s took on a lot of contracts. Drummond could be let go . We could sign him with our extra roster spot If he’s let go . Big time rebounder and can play defense still . Plumlee will be sitting on the pine the rest of the season.

Pretty spicy take if accurate

Interesting that Jake Fischer on the Void was saying yesterday that the hamstring injury was considered legitimate by the Nets.

With Garland having injury issues as well, could the Cavs possibly fall out of 6th?

I doubt it, they are +10 right now.

Big ATL loss just now at home. Hoping it doesn’t empower the Pels too much tomorrow but got to love that advantage-us right there.

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Nets lose to Bucks in ot.

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