2022 Draft Night Thread

All fair points and I get everything you’re saying but I think Bryce on a 2 way contract doesn’t necessarily show that we devalue him. It speaks more to the thought that we had/have too much other young guys already in the pipeline that need to be seen part of why they didn’t want to utilize 13 ourself. It’s definitely not ideal that the first we’re getting back will be a less valuable first (I hate that at face value also) but if you’re dead set on not adding someone else that people feel needs to show and prove immediately and you know they are not going to get that chance bc you have too many in front of them then at least you are preserving that asset to use later down the line. Again, it could be in a trade. The value on the future first itself is not ideal but maybe it was the best we could get (along with all the 2nds which are capital) to avoid using the pick now to take a player who’s value would begin to immediately depreciate like Bouknight did just bc they aren’t getting playing time.

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Hollinger seems to like what we did overall.

Lets Hope Duren doesn’t turn into Dwight.

Mitch traded Duren for a high 1st round draft pick and 58 second rounders. He then showed off the “value” of those by using the most “valuable” of them to move up 5 spots from 45 to 40 and pick a 2-way player.

Whatever the reason, I don’t care. Horrible, horrible waste of draft capital.

Now it appears this Clifford s&@t is serious.

I’ll have a much different view of the Hornets going forward. We’re the effing Kings. This franchise IS a laughingstock.

We were all so thrilled to have lucked into 13 and 15, not realizing that Mitch would just give 13 to the Detroit Pistons.

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my take away: no one wants gordon hayward and in order to take him, they were going to make us tack on a bunch of compensation that we didn’t want to give up. But we had to give up a first round pick to try to save some money this year regardless. Yikes.

Another reminder of the salary cap reality and luxury tax reality we’re looking at when we re sign Miles Bridges.


To not pick a guy bc you had to pay him like 4 million or whatever it was, just doesn’t sit well with me. Just a straight stupid trade.


I very much hope they s&t miles. I have a terrible feeling about his next 4 years with a boatload of money.

He is a fair enough player. He isn’t close to ready for that money and level of influence that comes with it. Plus, he isn’t that great of a game changing player.

We do this and we might as well do a full-fledged rebuild.

There is no positive spin. Period. You dont trade a lottery pick for lesser compensation EVER with the only exception being to offload salary. Otherwise, that never makes sense in any situation. And yet, we did. Still just dont understand it. We can talk all day about them liking our young guys we already had, and they preferred Williams and all that BS… it’s garbage. Again, if if both of those things were true, you dont trade a lottery pick for less value than that pick is worth. We moved back 3 years and probably 15 picks from the slot we were at, and idgaf about the 2nd rounders bc they’ll amount to nothing. That is the single dumbest trade I have ever witnessed, and I’m a lifelong Panthers and Hornets fan, so I’ve seen a lot of dumb ones.:joy:

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They should

I’m not having a good morning. I’m actually quite upset. Wife is looking like she wants to hide in a closet.


Today is my 16th anniversary. If my wife treated me like the cats/hornets have over the same time frame, I’d be living in a van down by the river.

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Just read Ron Boone’s article. In it, Mitch is quoted saying that it was just the best deal they had available.


If that’s the best then just don’t do it.


Yep. It was a good reminder of what I’ve been saying for weeks now to all the people who don’t really want to trade Hayward, yet keep Miles. And also what I’ve been saying too: GORDON HAYWARD HAS NO MARKET OR TRADE VALUE.

This is the reality. People don’t want to trade Hayward or Terry? Okay, well this is what happens. We have to sell picks for money to manage the cap/luxury tax this season to keep Miles.

Oh, people’s answer is to trade Oubre, Plumlee, Bouk. Okay cool, so you want to eliminate all of our depth to keep a guy (Hayward) that has missed 70+ games the past two seasons? Okie dokie.

This lines up with everything I’ve been saying for weeks.

It also speaks very loudly to the “Duren is such a talent”. He fell for a reason. This is not to say that Williams is the answer, just to say that, like every year there is a player who falls and they usually fall for a reason.

It is also not to say that duren is going to be a bust either.

But I agree, how on earth do you make that trade? I firmly believe that Terry is very movable. If Hayward isn’t, move Terry in July. Use #13 on a wing or sturdy defensive minded sg.


You guys have to realize something - the franchise is trying to win now and take a jump as Mitch said recently.

If the franchise is going to be worse off trading Hayward for some other garbage then they probably aren’t going to do that as they are currently wired RIGHT NOW.

Hayward’s deal looks better from an expiring standpoint as time goes on. Plus how many teams had space to absorb his deal? Detroit was basically the only one right now, and they probably wouldn’t want him at all considering the structure of their roster.

It takes two to tango and if you don’t have a dance partner then it is what it is.

The trade that was made, the 4 million saved in cap is a value no one wants to include because it doesn’t seem like much. But in the structure of a Bridges resign, every cent will count for sure. Plus those other picks are ammunition that could be used in future deals - I bet we don’t even use them for ourselves.

There is a big picture view that I can understand with what they’re trying to do from the roster standpoint. I can understand the immediate disappointment but having Hayward and Rozier here healthy along with Mark Williams and a contributing young core of 2nd year players can be a formidable thing hopefully.


I agree with all of this, think the bigger issue is that NYK got 3 firsts and we got 1, then we basically wasted the good 2nd rd pick that they gave us to move up 5 spots when you can literally buy picks with cash in that range.

All depends on Duren. If he turns into a Dwight Howard type, we are screwed. Also, would have been really nice to get one of the wings that was available

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Protections on those 3 firsts are a lot worse than the one we got…

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I don’t think Duren is the next Zo, but I do think he’ll be destroying Williams within a year. We talked about softness. Duren ain’t soft.

I am not stuck between Duren or Williams, I don’t think they have much difference now, and development will tell. Hopefully, we’ll do a better job then NYK. However, what I am mad about is, we could’ve gotten AJ Griffin AND Duren/Williams, which would’ve been a huge step-up rather than shitty 2nd round picks.

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