2023 Free Agency and Off-Season Action

If miles returns I’m assuming the deal is in the neighborhood if 4/100 or 4/80

I’d rather draft Scoot and just add Dennis Smith as our 3rd PG.

Just reading that makes me laugh. It’s probably accurate but absolutely no way should a guy that was a hair away from a 5-10y bid and no signs of remorse should get $20m a year.

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Oh I agree. Frankly, I hate him. But it’s the world we live in. But hey! We could draft brandon miller and somehow acquire ja Morant we could have a real squad of legal trouble all stars. Miles hits women, ja flashes guns around and beats up high school kids, and Brandon is our accessory to murder!

We could give the Jailblazer squads from the early-mid 2000s a run for their money! Man I loved that Portland team. No doubt one of my favorite teams of all time.

Big timeOdds against happening
Big time franchise commit. Big time what if.
pivot to Build for 2024-2025 Lebron

Acquire 2 with Rozier salary slot & 20 million, use #2/lamelo and picks bring in 2 players…agent free Barnes & trade for Lillard?

Man I loved those Jailblazer teams from 20 years ago. That was probably not the best team for a teenage boy to idolize, but damn I loved the brand of basketball they played. Didn’t take shit from anybody.

You know who didn’t take shit from anybody and was a straight up dog? Rasheed Wallace. You know what Charlotte Bobcats legend was a straight up alpha dog? Stephen Jackson. Capt Jack.

This team needs an alpha dog, but a positive one with good heart and team leader on the floor and the locker room. A dude who wants the ball, says “it stops here, I’m going to get a bucket”, and will sacrifice the body to get that bucket. And that guy is Scoot Henderson.

You know who isn’t a team leader alpha dog? Miles Bridges. The dude who beats women in front of small children. The dude who can’t lead his team to a play in victory during two straight years of absolute blowouts. Miles, the dude who chucks his mouth guard into the stands and hits a little girl on his way out from being ejected.

Miles Bridges sure isn’t an alpha dog, and he isn’t what this team needs. Culturally, it’s the opposite of what we need.


My biggest issue is an absurd financial risk that isn’t even close to a reasonable bet.

It’s like putting all your money on green on a roulette spin.


I would take my purse and go home if this happens

Rather than Miles, you guys wanna pivot to a known great guy who is a definite sharp shooter, becoming a better 3 level scorer, and still relatively young.

Price might be a little high, but less than that $100M projection for Miles

If its around the same money, it would be basically replacing Miles rather than just letting him walk for nothing back.


Given that Mitch is the most conservative GM out there, I’d have to say the likelihood of this happening would be the same as me winning the power all lottery in my lifetime.

And I don’t play the lottery.

Cam doesn’t do much for me other than shooting the 3. Not a good defender, not a good rebounder. As a team that routinely gets crushed on the boards, he certainly won’t help. PJ isn’t a great rebounder, and even Mark Williams needs to improve his ability to block out correctly and position himself optimally for rebounds.

A little expensive.

It is pricey, but without considering other potential free agents this year (which isn’t great), how much more palatable would it be? Like for the same money, with the dilemma of Miles, entrusting him with that much money, and the impact on the team culture, vs. an expensive Cam who would be a premium floor spacer for Melo/Scoot/Mark, would buy in to the team concept, be a great influence on the younger guys with his professionalism and hard work.

Is that worth the premium it would cost to steal him away from the Nets, and maybe make the glue stronger for our young stars? Risky but worth it for the long term?

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I would much rather spend $90 mil on him than miles.

Personally, I can’t stand thought of any of these guys getting $100 mil. None of them are worth that. I don’t care what the cap and market say


Same. And to clarify, me saying that I’m making the assumption that Miles returns to the team doesn’t mean that’s what I want. That’s just what I think the hornets will do. At least, they haven’t put out anything that would indicate otherwise.

I thought Miles was overrated and was hoping that he wasn’t re signed, even before the DV. Chef, I think you and I were on the same page there. IIRC

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There is just no way, no WAY that we give miles more than $15 million per season. That can’t happen at this point. I think 3 years 40 million is much better and maybe 4/60 with team option after year 3 would be my max I would give him. No other team is going to give him near that much. I think he is also due for a slight step back in his production unless he did nothing but shoot for the last 11 months

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Check ig and TikTok. I bet he has sick beats now 11 months of focusing on what’s important


Pay the same as D’Andre Hunter
Go Get top RFA, get Cam at that price. Even if Little left for other…unless his over cap. After the RFA market PJ & Grant Williams.

A Lesser both a wing & pf combo, for the range we get…but this does get all the bark and flex others want…
Dillon Brooks & Grant Williams
25-27 million

Guys, I’m NOT saying that 4/80-100 is what we “should” do. I’m not advocating for that. I’m just saying what I can envision the team doing.

Even before all the mess, I wasn’t very excited about re signing bridges anyways.

And I doubt 15 per year gets it done. And PJ thinks he’s getting 20m per year, god I hope not. But this is a thin free agency year, so some teams might offer PJ and Miles those bigger contracts.

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Between the PR hit, the suspension and the fact that he won’t have played basketball for over a year and a half, I agree that Miles shouldn’t be worth 4/80 at this point. But he could certainly get that. A team like the Lakers scares me. They’ve already been linked to Miles, are desperate to acquire talent to maximize Lebron’s window (assuming he comes back) and they could clear up to 28 mil in cap space.

I’m not as opposed to the idea of him being back as some are. Obviously don’t love what he did but I’m not under the illusion that any of these guys are necessarily great humans. But I am opposed to another team driving up his price and us feeling we had to overpay to match it, or losing the asset altogether and getting nothing in return. Unfortunately, I’m not confident in the likelihood of getting him back at a reasonable price.

What you are not factoring in about Lakers that also concerns me is that Miles is with Klutch sports, Lebrons agency. Good thing is that they dont have cap to make a big offer I don’t think but that doesn’t mean another FO won’t to be in the good graces of Klutch