2023 Free Agency and Off-Season Action

The fact that we are all wondering the same thing makes me sad. Plus hearing the commentary on Kai’s performance is heartbreaking. (I only saw part of the game because I forgot.). I always thought of Kai as energetic and positive but that’s just not enough.

It’s like we are stuck after the Miles debacle. Like we are rudderless. Like we didn’t have a plan b,c or d. If we trade Gordon for picks, then we need to re-open negotiations w Miles immediately. That is a free plan for the FO to have.

What about that young kid out of Chicago - the PG? What’s happening w Theo. Can we at least fix our back-up PG situation? My God, I am even hoping that we re-sign PJ in case Miles bolts next year.

Yes I saw the rakes. I am going to watch more urban biking videos to take my mind off things.

How would you guys feel about Bol Bol?

Saw he was released by the Magic.

This, no, every off-season is so frustrating. I know I could never be a GM, but come on, it looks like we’re asleep at the wheel. We need a complete new front office. Hire from the outside. Hopefully the new ownership is watching this fiasco and cleans house.

The moratorium period ends after tomorrow so we’ll probably get the news on PJ Thursday



I feel like myself and Powell are the only ones not bent out of shape yet.

I feel a “best we could do” moment coming soon.

Where is Powell?

Powell said he was stepping away, don’t know for how long though.

Similar to DSJ, if PJ wants a change of scenery, then we should accommodate it as best as we can. If we do a sign and trade, once again, it’s progress.

Even if we don’t match a deal, that still gives us money to play with to go after hopefully Grant Williams and Dosunmu from Chicago.

They’ve done some things - Bridges & Melo, so I don’t think anyone is asleep at the wheel, it’s more that these other teams have blown their wad thinking they are one step away from a title based on what Miami did.


Trust me, I am no Mitch apologist. However, have you seen the contract the Rockets had to hand out to get Dillon Brooks? Anyone want him for £80m over 4 years?

If Miles would only sign for overpay money, do you think Mitch should have done it? There were exactly zero other teams in the league willing to offer a contract to Miles’ liking. I hate it, but him signing the offer is better than Mitch caving.

If PJ would only sign for overpay money, do you think Mitch should have done it? PJ is exactly the type of guy you must not overpay. He’s a fourth option, at best, on a playoff team. Dallas might, bizarrely, be able to pay him more than us because they are far more attractive to the minimum & BAE type players they’ll need to fill out their roster. Oh, and they are in win now, pay tax mode.

Now, DSJ is the one I find very tough to understand. Unless he simply wanted to go to the Nets?

We absolutely need a younger, more active mind heading up the front office. Someone who isn’t the only GM in the league who doesn’t tamper, for example. I’m frustrated by the lack of action/signings too but, aside from DSJ, I’m not sure what I can specifically say Mitch should have done differently? For example, he’s probably playing the PJ situation correctly. If PJ won’t sign here for reasonable money, then maintaining and using the leverage restricted free agency offers is the right play. Being public in negotiating with a viable alternative in Grant Williams is also the right thing to do, both from a leverage and a protection point of view.

It’s not good, but until we start to make playoff noise with our drafted players and resigned restricted free agents, if they actually want to stay, we’re not going to be attractive to outside free agents.


Kitch, it’s not (for me) that Mitch doesn’t make trades or calls or overpay contracts. I am ok with the team’s action or inaction. It’s the consistent misdirection he gives us. “We’re going to do everything we can to re-sign Kemba” and then seem to do the minimum to do that. “We need to address the center positron” and then for years neglect the position, when Holmes was right there for us to do something. “Our focus is to re-sign our free agents, we’re not going to be players in free agency” and not seemingly offer DSJ enough that he’s gone for a vet minimum, be at an impasse with PJ into day 6, and right now at least, apart to potentially come out of this with Miles on a QO, and maybe Theo? Is that really focus? If so, what the heck happens when they don’t focus?

It’s that the FO makes themselves hard to defend or understand as fans that actually listen to them. Maybe that’s on us for listening to them. But what are we supposed to do when that’s our only interaction with them?

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On this/these points, I completely agree. Communication and the perception of being active, well awake would do, is a big problem. Mitch is old school, too old school, and he simply doesn’t play the PR or social media game. Modern GMs pretty much have to. Sadly, I don’t think we’re dealing with the graceful swan analogy, with regard to Mitch.

…born March 20, 1945) is an American professional basketball executive, former coach, and former player in the National Basketball Association (NBA)

…born May 24, 1954) is an American professional basketball executive and retired player.

1st one is Pat Riley, 2nd one is Mitch. I say this just to express that this isn’t an age thing. I also say it to marvel at how insanely well Pat’s been doing this stuff forever.

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Look at what we (figuratively - not me) are saying, “We would be more than happy w Boston’s overpriced cast off sacrificial lamb from the 2023 eastern conference final failure.” Instead of blaming Brown, they have targeted Grant and want to get paid for his failure. That’s how you run a front office! Lets not opt to be their sucker.

Replacing PJ w Grant (and losing a future 1st round pick) is not acceptable. We have to expect the FO to accomplish more.

It’s simple:

-Throw 6.5 to 7 million at Dosunmu

-Retain PJ and have TEAM options for paying him closer to what he wants

-Use Terry and/or Gordon to find some shooting and defense (or a low 1st round pick - $30 million expiring is valuable)

-Find a cost efficient but effective back up back up C (maybe buyout Nnaji contract and get him here this year)

-Clear money for Miles next year when you have to bid against the crazy money we saw three days ago (yes that will happen because Miles will get to rehabilitate his name here)

Guess we’ll know soon. It sure looks like PJ is gone. Curious at what’s about to go down. It looks like a sign and trade must be coming but easier said than done.

As a too long Hornets fan, I’m expecting to be disappointed. Lordy.

Yes, I will say thus far they are doing exactly what I wanted them to do. But I hold very little optimism that they actually do well in the end

I don’t follow, why would we lose a first round pick here?

It is creating an outcome that hasn’t happened yet and arguing that it is a terrible decision.

If they choose Grant over PJ because they think he may bring a maturity and toughness the team doesn’t have for cheaper, I suppose I can live with it even if I’d disagree. Having to give up assets to do so would be indefensible though.

Interesting considering the perception hat PJ is Dallas bound