The Brandon Miller Thread

If he keeps this pace up remotely, I’ll order a miller jersey.

City Editions release this week I think at the Hornets Fan Shop! I am going to get a Miller city when I can afford it although the classic looks NICEEEEEE too!

Well I ordered my miller jersey. Should only be a two month wait from china! It’s long enough to forget that I ordered it and when it arrives it feels like a forgotten present from myself.


Damn your thoughts/feelings have certainly shifted from where they were a few months ago, that’s a good thing though

Yes, because I am an adult. Adults own when they were wrong.

Edit: I said it before, but i said id be happy to be wrong about miller. And in this very small sample size, the early signs point towards him being much better than I hoped. Which is great.


Wemby with 38 and 10 last night

Doesn’t count. He was playing that horrible suns team.


We should have taken him instead. Damnit Mitch!


Ah, the surprising disappointment that came with lottery night and getting pick number 2.

In (almost) no other lottery year in the history of basketball would moving up to land the number 2 pick feel so disappointing…what a weird situation.

Meh… I’m over it already.

Living that cup half full life.

It was ultimately our fault we didn’t win the lottery, I am all-in on Miller.

We had too much pride to actually tank

Losing more games wouldn’t have guaranteed us anything. Both Hou and Det had worse records than us yet we jumped them. It’s all about the luck of the draw and we got lucky to jump to #2.


Or when we got Zo instead of Shaq

Or when we got my boy vs Anthony

We just have no luck at all.

At least Miller will be a good one!

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I mean, I’m over it too. But not completely over it. Like 97.5% over it.

Edit: and as a hornets fan, if being one pick away from getting Wemby doesn’t live in your head juuuust a little, I don’t believe you. It’s not like we don’t have a history with the number 2 pick, and all that trauma. It was another “…we were so close”.


Can someone please drop the video or screenshot of brandon running over that Pacers player? Was it Nesmith?

the hornets have missed this kind of play and intensity since…forever. Brandon was super calm and chill, there was zero ill intent, and zero lame “hold me back” bullshit energy from him after it happened. And after review, the officials ruled it as a common foul (as it should’ve been).

It was a very clear message: “keep picking on me and setting stupid picks, then i’m going to run you the fuck over. It ain’t personal, but i’ll let you think about this next time it’s your turn to set the screen.”

Well thank fuck someone on this team has that attitude that says, “you do you, but i’m going to run you the fuck over. We can do the same thing next time down the floor if you want, that’s cool with me.”


Miller is a freaking Doggggggg

It should have actually been an offensive foul for a moving screen BUT Miller definitely plays with edge and grit, toughness and attitude, and a chip on his shoulder. All good things.

Also Miller getting his first start tomorrow

I still think Miller has that Glen Rice energy in every way.

I wish any of the Panthers could block like that for Bryce. Looked like a left tackle pulling for a screen pass. Great form. I was hoping the refs could look at that and change the call, don’t know if its allowed.

Also was awesome for Miller putting him on his ass. I think Nesmith was more pissed he got laid out like that. He knew exactly what he was doing in getting in Miller’s way.

I do wish Miller was a tad more selfish with the ball. He does make the right decision most times, but most times the ball doesn’t come back to him. That little spin back jumper on the break looks like it could be an unguardable go to move he can get off at any time.

Also great read when he hit a couple shots, could’ve forced another in the lane but saw Thor wide open for 3 up top.