The Brandon Miller Thread

Honestly concerned, but Miller looking more like a top Hornets lottery jump pick…previous all stars LJ, Mourning, Davis, Ball.

Before this years 2nd luckiest mover in draft, +14. 76ers by far the best +24, worst Minnesota -15.

As we know, Luck of draw Not necessarily equal success. As article states, Not only Hornets depend too much on lottery luck to save franchise again…and again…and again. Don’t successfully build & put good pieces around lottery prizes.

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He seems like a fun dude. I liked his personality from videos during the draft, he likes to joke around a lot and mess with people.

He also seems to have good awareness on the floor. I actually liked how he wasn’t afraid to give tips to the vet, telling Terry to keep his dribble. He seems to have a soft spoken leadership quality that can grow the more time and experience he gets.

One other thing I noticed, while I can see the Paul George comparisons, especially early in their career, it seems most people were only referring to the offensive side.

But I think Brandon may actually have the defensive side of the comparison too. Not that Jordan Poole is a world beater, but he is a very gifted offensive player who likes to shoot a lot. A lot a lot. And I recall Miller locking him down every possession, where Poole couldn’t even get a shot off for several possessions in a row. Like he completely locked him down.

The Knicks game I noticed a few possessions where he made it really hard for Barrett to get a few shots off too. And Brandon’s especially effective on fast breaks, where his length always seems to disrupt layup attempts at the rim just enough to cause a miss.

With some added strength to his length, as well as his seeming desire to want to lock someone up, I could see a really good defensive potential there. Not saying he can get to George’s level with multiple all-defensive teams, but its not as outside the realm of possibilities as it seems either.


Well shoot. I didn’t watch the game tonight and it looks like I missed mr miller’s best game as a pro. 5/7 from three.

That’s more like it. Would love to see him continue to connect. Hopefully this was the beginning of a mental breakthrough for him. I know it’ll be up and down, but I’m hoping this is a good start.

I missed it as well. Stat line looked nice

He was good on both ends for the most part. This guy is one of the most polished offensive rookies I have ever seen.

Looked good in the 10 minutes or so if extended highlights I watched. Both ends of the floor. He hung with Brunson for the most part, but Brunson made all sorts of tough, contested shots.

I think Brandon has good defensive instincts, but at this point, he’s definitely more of a perimeter defender. Randle bullied him a bit down in the post. He’ll need to get stronger to be an effective defender against bigger guys, but out in space he’s done a good job knowing where to be and using his length to stay connected and be disruptive.

I don’t think any of us are/were expecting Brandon to be able to guard a guy like Randle in the post lol nor should he be expected to


Or Jalen brunson for an entire game

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