The Brandon Miller Thread

Honestly concerned, but Miller looking more like a top Hornets lottery jump pick…previous all stars LJ, Mourning, Davis, Ball.

Before this years 2nd luckiest mover in draft, +14. 76ers by far the best +24, worst Minnesota -15.

As we know, Luck of draw Not necessarily equal success. As article states, Not only Hornets depend too much on lottery luck to save franchise again…and again…and again. Don’t successfully build & put good pieces around lottery prizes.

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He seems like a fun dude. I liked his personality from videos during the draft, he likes to joke around a lot and mess with people.

He also seems to have good awareness on the floor. I actually liked how he wasn’t afraid to give tips to the vet, telling Terry to keep his dribble. He seems to have a soft spoken leadership quality that can grow the more time and experience he gets.

One other thing I noticed, while I can see the Paul George comparisons, especially early in their career, it seems most people were only referring to the offensive side.

But I think Brandon may actually have the defensive side of the comparison too. Not that Jordan Poole is a world beater, but he is a very gifted offensive player who likes to shoot a lot. A lot a lot. And I recall Miller locking him down every possession, where Poole couldn’t even get a shot off for several possessions in a row. Like he completely locked him down.

The Knicks game I noticed a few possessions where he made it really hard for Barrett to get a few shots off too. And Brandon’s especially effective on fast breaks, where his length always seems to disrupt layup attempts at the rim just enough to cause a miss.

With some added strength to his length, as well as his seeming desire to want to lock someone up, I could see a really good defensive potential there. Not saying he can get to George’s level with multiple all-defensive teams, but its not as outside the realm of possibilities as it seems either.


Well shoot. I didn’t watch the game tonight and it looks like I missed mr miller’s best game as a pro. 5/7 from three.

That’s more like it. Would love to see him continue to connect. Hopefully this was the beginning of a mental breakthrough for him. I know it’ll be up and down, but I’m hoping this is a good start.

I missed it as well. Stat line looked nice

He was good on both ends for the most part. This guy is one of the most polished offensive rookies I have ever seen.

Looked good in the 10 minutes or so if extended highlights I watched. Both ends of the floor. He hung with Brunson for the most part, but Brunson made all sorts of tough, contested shots.

I think Brandon has good defensive instincts, but at this point, he’s definitely more of a perimeter defender. Randle bullied him a bit down in the post. He’ll need to get stronger to be an effective defender against bigger guys, but out in space he’s done a good job knowing where to be and using his length to stay connected and be disruptive.

I don’t think any of us are/were expecting Brandon to be able to guard a guy like Randle in the post lol nor should he be expected to


Or Jalen brunson for an entire game

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Do we think miller can primarily play SG? Do we have enough early data points a quarter way through this season to be able to talk about it? I don’t know, but I’m bored and want to stop thinking about this season’s misery.

Put in your imagination hat and take a quick journey with me. It’ll be a fun break from our current state.

  1. Say we live in a world where we trade away terry. (Which I think we should).
  2. Say the new owners want to make a splash in free agency and we sign Siakam
  3. Miles Bridges signs a hometown deal with Charlotte because they stood by him and the league won’t pony up money for a DV felon.
  4. Trade for Davion Mitchell to shore up backup PG and great defense.


How about that guys? That’s a feel good idea right??

I don’t love Bridges as a SF, I think he plays best at PF. But the lanky athleticism allows switches easily between Miller, Siakam, and Miller. Siakam is a menace defensively.

But this hinges on the possibility of Miller being athletic enough for being a starting SG, which I have a hard time with.

Every time I look at B-Miller’s listed height, he’s an inch shorter. Since he’ll be about 6’4" next week, he’d BETTER be able to play shooting guard! (Ha ha)

But seriously, someone on here saw him listed 6’6" somewhere(a telecast?). Currently the NBA and ESPN profiles have him at 6’7". Supposedly the NBA has gone to barefoot measurements. I’m thinking he’s at least 6’7" in shoes, which is how old school heights were considered.

So, at Alabama, he was a 6’9" potential stretch 4(with added weight down the road). NOW, he’s a straight up 3-man who hopefully can play the 2. Maybe the lower height, with accompanying lower center of gravity is a good thing. Time will tell. I just wish we’d gotten official NBA combine length measurements from him. I’ve only found unreliable info on that so far.

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That’s exactly where I’m at with him. I don’t foresee miller playing the bulk of his minutes at SG, but rather a SF who can slide over to SG for matchup or lineup dependent situations.

Agreed. Is it just me or does it seem like there’s a longer than usual gap between games this season? Of course my trigger finger for trading Terry isn’t as itchy as a lot of people’s, but to the question of whether or not Miller can play SG, my short answer is, sure, mostly because I just don’t think the traditional positional assignments matter that much anymore. I think as long as you have the right balance of shooting, ball handling, rebounding, defense and size in your line up, it doesn’t really matter what you call a guy. Having said that, I don’t think he fits the traditional archetype of a SG. He’s probably more of a traditional SF due to his size and style of play, but again, I don’t think it matters at all.

For the reasons mentioned on the other thread, I don’t think we’re going to get Miles on the cheap if he does end up back here, but I could certainly get excited about that hypothetical line up you proposed.

I think the idea that terry is more valuable for the hornets playing his final year on his pretty affordable contract is fair and valid. And I agree as well.

But conversely, I think that is exactly what makes him our best trade asset, and attractive to other teams. Being that he’s not just a 3-4 month rental. I think that’s grounds to extract as much value from him as possible.

Having said, I’d only want to trade Terry this season/draft season as an intentional move to create cap space for a larger free agent/bigger contract player.

Miller needs to play the 3. He has been more effective all season at the 3.


I see Miller as a 3 who will be able to switch to most 2s and 4s. I’m so excited by him as a prospect. His weaknesses are significantly less than I thought they were, and he’s such an easy player to fit personnel around. Makes our new GM’s role much easier as he only needs to look at two starters and has a clear key skill requirement for both, outside of the obvious need for general toughness (SG: point of attack defending, PF: defensive rebounding).

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That was my concern at the draft time talk. I noticed lots of people slotting him into SG, which I thought was weird.