Hornets host the Nets - 12.27.20

Feeling pretty prescient right now

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Did not see that W coming. Hayward is a perfect fit for this team

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What a wild game. Really enjoyed watching it. Wouldn’t surprise me at all if we end up playing amazing against the best teams in the league but then lose to bad teams much if the season.

Classic “dangerous” team.

Great win. Such an epitome of the Hornets for the past few years to play according to the level of competition. Hope we can sustain since the next few games will be tough

Yeah, goldfish team, fill up the bowl we’re in. Frustrating against weaker teams, exciting against stronger teams.


I love Hayward for this squad. Perfect solid all around game to quietly keep the team moving forward during the young guys’ streakiness.


That game right there is why I said I thought we could be a Top 5 team in the East. We just have to be consistent.

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Good win!

Hayward / Terry both averaging around 24 per and balling!

Nice game, I liked what I saw of PJ this time!
Let’s hope his ankle isn’t too bad.

No one is talking about Lamelos form on his two 3’s? I saw a lot more jump in his jump shot!

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I think the biggest thing that went under noticed was how hard Miles was going at anyone in his path. And he took and sank a much needed 3 when it counted continuing his confident play from Sat. He was impressive.

There are two immutable laws of Hornets fandom:

  1. You will always end up disappointed
  2. Before being disappointed, they will make sure to always do something promising to build you up, to think you’re turning to corner, to make you believe that this time will truly be different, before dropkicking you back to #1

But hey, I love it when they give us brief moments of joy. The last absolutely fun team was the Kemba/Linsanity/Lee year. These guys have all the hallmarks of going on highlight laden streaks, and this won’t be the only upset this year. Maybe too young to be consistent, but that young chemistry is building, you can sense it.

And Terry MFin Rozier with the poster of the decade. That needs to go on all marketing material from here on out. They should make Melo get a tattoo of the dunk picture as part of his rookie hazing. If I was KD, I would’ve acted like my achilles went out again, and sat out the next 3 weeks. This might be the next best dunk after Baron hammered on KG his rookie year.